Serving Money Hungry Bitch

So, I see you have found your way to the one and only Money Hungry Bitch…..I’m not surprised, this is the place for piggies, losers and sissys to pay their respects and give to a true Goddess. I’m going to ask you a few questions and if you answer yes to any of them I just may have some use for you. Just know it will COST you and you will SUBMIT. If you don’t have money to serve then go get some and come back. As wasting my precious time will not be tolerated and will get you put on a Goddess LOSER LIST so that all Fem Supreme know your an idiot. Remember you are a peon in my world and in order to be in my world you will pay up or be banished into the darkness of nothingness. I am a true GODDESS and expect to be treated as such. Now put on your thinking cap dummies here come the questions.

Are you into any of the following?

Female Supremacy
Financial Domination
Blackmail Financial Ruin
CBT=(cock and ball torment)
Body Worship
Smoking Fetish

If you answered yes to any of these, you may call if you already have your credit card ready 1-800-715-0336 or you may tribute then contact me or you may simply tribute or by me a prezzie. Tributing shows your serious about serving Goddess.

For those of you looking for permanent submission, you may tribute and fill out the SLAVE application for consideration.

For those of you seeking Blackmail, tribute and fill out the slave application for consideration.

If these things are too difficult for you loser, then go away!!