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Tease And Denial Phone Sex

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Tease And Denial Phonesex

Hey there, boys! Welcome to your phone sex Mistress‘s lair. What brings you here today? I mean, other than the fact that you want to submit to a strict, money-hungry Femdom, of course.

Aww, you aren’t feeling talkative? What’s wrong? Cat got your tongue? Or are you simply too awed by my presence to tell me what’s on your mind?

It doesn’t matter. I know how to get it out of you. I know how to get anything in the world I want from a man, actually. It’s so easy that it’s kind of pathetic.

Yes, a little teasing, a little denial, that’s all it takes. Boys think with their cocks entirely too much, and I am more than willing to indulge them. Tease and denial can get me anything I want, after all. So teasing you, getting your dick hard, and then denying you until you tell me what it is that brought you are? It’s almost too easy, really.

Unless of course you actually came here for tease and denial phone sex with your favorite Money Hungry Bitch. If that’s the case, then you’ve made my mission even simpler. I’ve given you what you want before you ever even told me what it was.

Ha! I would almost go so far as to say you’re a smart boy. *Laughs*




Tease And Denial Phone Sex

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Tease And Denial Phonesex

Well, well, well. Hello there. Are you here to give yourself up to your Mistress for complete and utter cock control? *Laughs* Of course you are!

But there’s one thing we need to get straight from the get go: I’m not going to make your orgasm denial easy for you. You’re not going to get to lock yourself up in chastity and then completely forget about anything sexual. That would defeat the whole purpose!

Oh, no, I’m going to subject you to teasing phone sex, the likes of which you’ve never seen before. And then when I get you so hard that you know your orgasm is imminent, then I will deny, deny, deny.

This is going to be SO much fun. Ok, well, maybe not for you, but definitely for me.

If you want to cum, you can beg and plead, and you can even pay my cum tax…but if I’m not in the mood to let you have your pathetic little orgasm, no amount of money in this world is going to persuade me to change my mind. And I am so rarely in the mood to let a useless worm like you get off….

Call your Money Hungry Bitch now for tease and denial phone sex and learn the meaning of the phrase “an exercise in futility.”


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Ruined Orgasm Phone Sex

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Ruined Orgasm Phonesex

Hello again, slave boys and losers of all stripes! Welcome back to the Money Hungry Bitch’s lair of destruction, LOL!

One of the things that makes my job as Mistress so much fun is teasing phone sex. If you can grab a man by his cock, then the rest of him will follow, mostly because men are kind of stupid when they have a hard-on. A man who’s being teased and tormented can be talked into all kinds of ridiculous things if one knows what one is doing.

Of course, I know what I’m doing.

Tease and denial is one of the big ways that I keep my little money pigs wriggling on the hook. It’s amazing what men will do to get off. It’s very rare that I actually let them, but I like to let them believe that it may be a possibility…some day.

The truth is, though, most of the time when I drain their wallets and tell them that when their pockets are completely empty, they can have an orgasm, that’s not really going to be the case. It’s not technically a lie because I do *give* them an orgasm. It’s just a ruined orgasm, LOL!

Do you think you can withstand my teasing? Call me to find out.


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CBT Phone Sex

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CBT Phonesex

Your phone sex Mistress has heard she’s a bitch a few thousand times. Seems that’s the go-to insult for women like me these days. But the over-usage of the word has kind of fallen into the realm of ridiculous at this point.

You see, I’m not a bitch for being true to my nature. I may, however, be a bitch for the CBT I’d like to inflict on your poor cock and balls.

Every good CBT phone sex session begins with a little tease and denial. It is my special “cock and ball tease (and torment),” after all. But what happens after I get you all worked up and begging for more is what can really be…intense.

I have all kinds of little tricks of the trade I intend to bring out while teasing and tormenting you. Do you have toys? I hope so. If not, we’ll just have to improvise, and I can assure you that improvisation can be much, much worse than just having toys on hand to start with.

Dare you try out my own special CBT? Come on. Be a man. Find out what domination phone sex with the Money Hungry Bitch really is. Ta-ta.


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