Goddess Worship Phone Sex

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Goddess Worship Phonesex

Well, hello there, my adoring little slave boys. How are you this fine day? Well enough to show me how much you love me, I hope.

The temple of Money Hungry Bitch is now open for some Goddess worship sessions for those of you who are ready to prove your loyalty to me. I will allow various kinds of worship–pre-approved by me, of course–but tithes are mandatory, naturally. It may be that 10% is good enough for Jesus, but it’s certainly not good enough for me. Even the government takes more than that from you. *Sniff*

This is not financial domination. I am not taking or blackmailing money from you. You are giving of it freely to show me how much you adore and revere me. Please remember, though, that the amounts you give will directly influence how much I believe you are dedicated to serving me.

If your tithes please me, you will be allowed to sing my praises and perhaps worship at the altar of my feet. Foot worship is acceptable from the likes of you, but don’t think for a moment that your hands or mouth will be allowed to venture anywhere above my ankles.

Call. Come. Kneel. Serve.




Cocksucking Phone Sex

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BBC Phonesex

Well, hello there. I see we’ve got a number of little sluts in our midst today. I find this rather amusing, to say the least.

Now, certainly I’M not going to be doing anything even remotely sexual with you. But I know some people who will. They’re all male, but I feel sure that won’t dissuade you in the least, will it? I’d bet good money on it that you have all kinds of secret cocksucking desires–and we all know how much I love money and won’t waste it, right?

But, yes, all you little cock whores and fags can come right on in. I have several friends who’ll be more than glad to offer their big dicks up for the cause. The idea of seeing you on your knees sucking cock while I file my nails is a most interesting one. Maybe I’ll have you get on all fours while you suck, so I can sit on your back as you service my friends. That would be fun, I bet, and my prerogative as your phone sex Mistress.

Well? What are you waiting for? Call your Money Hungry Bitch now and get ready to show my friends and me how good you are at cocksucking phone sex.


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Forced Intox Phone Sex

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Forced Intox Phonesex

Call me evil, but there are times I think of going to AA or NA meetings, standing outside the door, and handing out cards that advertise my forced intoxication calls.

Money over everything, you know.

But the truth is, I haven’t tried it yet, and I really have no need to, other than for the sake of upping the wicked factor in my life. I have plenty of you calling me and begging for it, so it’s not like I have any reason to go trolling for fresh meat. You idiots keep me plenty busy getting you fucked up and fucking you over.

Forced intox is quite useful for a number of things. It’s just one of the many tools in my Femdom blackmail arsenal, for example. Plus, it lowers your inhibitions, so that you can do all those things you’ve always dreamed about but have never been brave enough to try. You know, like dress in women’s clothing, whore yourself out to men, and pay me, your pimp, all the money you make. Just had that happen to me recently, actually.

When you’re ready to stop fucking around online and experience real female domination, call me.


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Financial Domination Phone Sex

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Financial Slavery

Every now and again, I’ll have a man who calls me and asks me what it would take for me to do something sexual with my callers.

That question always makes me laugh because the answer is NOTHING. There is absolutely nothing you can do to make me the slightest bit interested in you in a sexual manner.

Why? Because even if we don’t specifically discuss it when you call me, simply the act of dialing my number makes you my financial slave because you’re paying to talk to me. And I’m not the least bit interested in the type of man who has to pay a woman in order to get her attention.

There is one thing in your pants that I’m interested in, however–your wallet. As a money Mistress, I shouldn’t even have to tell you that what’s in your wallet is the most important thing to me. Actually, it’s the *only* thing. You are only worth what you have in your wallet. Without it, you’re useless to me.

If you’re ready to stop fucking around and playing with this fantasy and start truly living it, call this Money Hungry Bitch for elite financial domination phone sex.


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Smoking Fetish Phone Sex

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Smoking Fetish Phonesex

Some fetishes are rather obscure. It’s difficult to understand why a man would find that particular thing sexually arousing. Others are much easier to understand.

The smoking fetish is in the latter category.

It’s very easy to understand why a man would find a woman smoking to be…well, for lack of a better word, hot. I certainly feel sexy and powerful when I have a cigarette in my mouth. Or, more accurately, I feel even sexier and more powerful than I normally do…which is saying something, if you think about it. So it’s no wonder that a man would find himself uncontrollably aroused by that.

While fetish phone sex is not often my thing, I make an exception for the smoking fetishists who call me. I get my cravings satisfied, and they get theirs satisfied. It’s a mutual itch-scratching, if you wish to look at it that way. I’m more than willing to let a man listen to me do something I already do if, of course, he is willing to pay for the privilege.

Do you want to hear your phone sex Mistress smoking and perhaps discuss the act with her? You know what to do. Go get your phone now and don’t forget your wallet. You’ll be needing it.




Blackmail Phone Sex

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Blackmail Phonesex

Well, well, well. What have we here?

Oh, it’s another financial domination slut who’s decided that regular financial slavery just isn’t giving him the kick that it used to. Poor, poor, pitiful you.

Don’t worry, though. Your favorite Money Hungry Bitch has just the thing for you.

If you’re ready to combine your financial slavery with a walk on the wild side, then I suggest a blackmail phone sex call with yours truly. I play hardball, though, so if you’re not feeling brave, I suggest you just try my ignore line instead.

Be ready to comply with all my demands immediately. If you don’t…well, I imagine you know what the consequences are, don’t you?

If you think you can somehow get by without telling me all the pertinent information, I beg to differ. Your phone sex Mistress has her ways of getting information…even information you initially had no intention of telling me. I should’ve been a police interrogator, really.

But lucky for all those poor prisoners out there, I decided that being a money Mistress was my calling. Speaking of calling, that’s what you little sluts need to be doing. I expect to hear from you soon.




Strap On Phone Sex

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Strapon Phonesex

Since I call most of you boys who call me my bitches, anyway, I certainly like to treat you like bitches. The only thing more fulfilling to your favorite Femdom Mistress than bending you boys over is draining your wallets. And if I can do both at the same time…well, let’s just say it’s as close to heaven as I’ll ever get.

Of course, I’m talking about strap on phone sex. It’s so much fun to use your slutty little ass for my own personal amusement. And the noises you make are pretty hilarious, too. Funny how that works, hmm?

It can be quite humiliating for you, but I rarely have any complaints in that department. It’s the type of humiliation that makes your tiny little cock all hard, so it all works out in the end, yes?

If you’ve got the money to play with me, then you can have all that and more. Well, if I deem you worthy, of course. Otherwise, you get my ignore line, but something tells me that you’d jerk your pathetic dick just to the sound of me making dinner or watching TV. You’re *that* pathetic, after all.



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Big Black Cock Phone Sex

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BBC Phonesex

I know your little secret.

Oh, I know you think you’re hiding it. And maybe your clumsy attempts at trying to fool me would work on your equally idiotic male friends, but women are much smarter than that. Even the least observant of us can tell when you silly men are hiding something, and most of us can tell WHAT you’re hiding.

Your phone sex Mistress is no different.

See, I know how you’ve got a thing for big black cock. Maybe you want to just be a BBC cuckold, or maybe you want to suck on it yourself. Regardless, you’re obsessed with it, and there’s no sense in trying to keep hiding it, since we both know the truth, anyhow.

So why don’t we discuss your little obsession? For a (not so) small fee, of course. I’m more than willing to be a listening ear if you are willing to give me my due.

Let’s bring those secret cuckold and forced bi fantasies you’ve got out in the open. It’ll feel so much better that way…and will give me fodder for later, but that’s neither here nor there at the moment.

Call me, you naughty little cock whore. You know you can’t hold back any longer.


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Sissy Phone Sex

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Sissy Phonesex

Soooo…you’re a man who wants to dress like a woman, are you? You’ve already passed through your little panty boy stage, and now you’re into head-to-toe dressing. This could be interesting. *Laughs*

I think in order for you to look appropriately girly and silly, we’re going to need to take you on a shopping spree. I’ll probably pick up several things for myself as well. Your treat, of course. Perhaps we could even go to the salon for hairstyles, manicures, and pedicures afterward. Also your treat. You didn’t expect anything else from a financial Domme like me, did you?

Once that’s done, I’ll take you back home and let you put on your new outfits for me. You can parade around while I laugh at you because we both know that no matter how hard you try, no matter how much money you spend, you’ll never be the superior being that is a woman. You’ll always be some terrible imitation of one, neither man nor woman, but something lower than that. It’s shameful, really. You’re just a dude in a dress.

I know you’re ready to begin your sissy phone sex call with me, so start dialing right now.


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Ignore Line Phone Sex

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Ignore Line Phonesex

Happy Valentine’s Day, you pathetic little sluts!

Do you have any plans for the day? No, don’t tell me. I bet I can guess. Let me see–no, you don’t, do you?

Of course you don’t. Someone like you couldn’t possibly have plans that include a woman. It almost goes without saying.

But don’t despair. Your Femdom Mistress will allow you to spend the day with her.

Please notice that I said you can spend the day with me, not that I’ll be spending the day with you. Keep that in mind. It’s an awfully important distinction.

See, if no other woman wants to spend the day with you, why should I? You can call me, and I’ll relegate you to the ignore line. I’ll go back to doing whatever I want to do, and you can content yourself with the knowledge that you are pleasing a woman in some small way–by shutting the hell up and giving her all your money. *Laughs*

Oh, yes, Valentine’s Day is just another day around here, full of financial domination phone sex (for you) and big cock (for me).

Don’t you like the sound of that? I know I certainly do.

Call me, you little slut!


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