Body Worship Phone Sex

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Body Worship Phonesex

Hello, hello, my little underlings. How are you this fine day?

It will be Valentine’s Day before you know it. I hope you’re already prepared with a lovely gift for your phone sex Mistress. If your offerings please me, I may even reward you. Try to control yourself. It’s not a promise, just a thought.

Of course, I’m sure you’re wondering what kind of reward you’ll get for bringing a smile to my face this Valentine’s Day. The answer is that you’ll be allowed to have a nice, long body worship session with yours truly. If I’m feeling particularly kind and generous, I might even let you cum when you finish…but don’t get your hopes up too much about that.

You can worship my feet, my legs, my breasts, my ass…but not my pussy. Only real men are allowed there, and you are most certainly not among their numbers. I’m sure you can content yourself with worshipping the rest of me, though, since I so rarely allow you to do so.

Hurry up and make sure you’ve got a suitable gift for me, dear. The better it is, the more likely you’ll be able to engage in body worship phone sex with your favorite Money Hungry Bitch before the week is out!


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Guided Masturbation Phone Sex

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Guided Masturbation Phonesex

Now, we all know that silly little men like you need the guidance of a phone sex Mistress like me in your lives. You wouldn’t know what to do without me to tell you, would you?

That even goes for your masturbation sessions. You come to me to get guided masturbation instructions because you run out of exciting ideas for yourself if left to your own devices. I am quite happy to provide them for you…for a price, of course.

Naturally, this includes some orgasm denial as well. You silly little boys will jerk off all day, every day if you’re allowed to. This leads to a ridiculous loss of sensation in your teeny weenies, so you have to be restrained. Plus, it makes you far more amenable to my other plans if you’ve been left with blue balls for awhile. Far more amenable to other plans and far freer and more open with your wallets! *Laughs*

Now, I know you must be dying for another guided masturbation phone sex session with your favorite Goddess, and far be it for me to stand in the way of that. Simply pick up your phone and give me a call. I’m sure we can make some kind of arrangement together.


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Cuckold Phone Sex

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Cuckold Phonesex

Well, hello. Are you ready to have some fun with your phone sex Mistress today?

Oh, that’s a silly question, isn’t it? I know without a doubt that you’re ready to have fun, and you want it to be as degrading as possible to boot. Well, don’t worry, dear. That can be arranged.

You see, I was thinking about some cuckold phone sex. That sounds suitably humiliating for you, I think. There’s probably not much else that’ll make you feel your lack of manhood so keenly!

I’m going to go out on a wonderful date with one of my bulls, and you, of course, will be funding the whole thing. And you’ll sit at home and wait for me to return. Maybe I’ll let you watch what happens when we get home and maybe not. It depends on what kind of mood I’m in. What sounds worse? Having to sit downstairs and hear the action, without being able to see it? Or watching while my bull and I toss out the occasional bit of small penis humiliation in your direction?

Either way, you won’t be able to touch your tiny dick, so I guess it really doesn’t matter too much, does it?



Financial Domination Phone Sex

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Financial Domination Phonesex

One of the perks of being a money Mistress is that I can have as many financial slaves at a time as I like. And if you think that I don’t play them off against one another, then you’re sadly mistaken. *Laughs*

For example, I love to pit them against one another in games like “Who can buy Mistress the most expensive gift?” or “Who can hold out longest on Mistress’s ignore line?” It’s fun for me, and the competition is good for them. Makes them value their servitude more. Oh, and it’s also fun for me, in case I didn’t point that out before.

I love watching them scramble to show me how devoted they are. It’s hilarious! Plus, these types of competition can spur all kinds of creative thought processes in my slaves that they never would’ve been able to achieve otherwise. Watching them come up with new and wonderful ways to please me never seems to get old.

I’m always looking for men who are willing to go above and beyond the call of duty during financial domination phone sex. If you think you can do it, then give your favorite Money Hungry Bitch a call right now at the number below.


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CFNM Humiliation Phone Sex

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CFNM Humiliation Phonesex

Humiliation is one of those things that every man needs a little more of in his life, in my not-so-humble opinion. Every man needs to be taken down a notch or twelve, and if it can be mixed with a little financial domination? All the better.

Just the other day, I enjoyed a lovely CFNM humiliation call with one of my little money slaves. I had him strip naked for me, so that I could laugh at his tiny dick, and then I had a brilliant idea.

I told him that I preferred him naked at all times because it was far more amusing for me that way. Then, I informed him that if he wanted the privilege of wearing clothes to work the next day, he would have to pay for it…piece by piece. His belt, socks, and shoes didn’t cost much. His underwear was a bit more. His shirt was rather steep, and his pants were the most expensive of all. He managed to go to work the next day with a full set of clothing, but his wallet was considerably thinner than it was the day before! *Laughs*

Does this sound like your kind of humiliation phone sex call? Good. Pick up your phone and call me, and I’ll create your own little CFNM/findom fantasty just for you.


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Smoking Fetish Phone Sex

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Smoking Fetish Phonesex

There is something elegant and sexy about a woman who smokes, isn’t there? Since smoking has turned into something of a taboo in our society, a smoker is essentially thumbing her nose at the rest of the world. And, somehow, that makes it even sexier for you….

With all that in mind, is there really any wonder as to why you have a smoking fetish? *Laughs*

Lucky for you, your phone sex Mistress loves to smoke. It’s one of the first things I do when I get up in the morning. The feel of the smoke in my lungs wakes me up like nothing else and makes me feel happy to be alive.

I bet you’d do just about anything to hear me have my first smoke of the day, wouldn’t you? Actually, you’d probably love to hear me smoke at any time, but there’s something a little magical about the very first one that I’m sure would appeal to you. Am I right?

In fact, I’d love to have a cigarette right now, so it’d be the perfect time for you to call and listen in. Why not give me a call now for some smoking fetish phone sex?




Forced Cocksucking Phone Sex

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Forced Cocksucking Phonesex

At some point or another, nearly all my slaves become cocksuckers. If they can’t please me sexually, then they need to learn to please SOMEONE. And since I’m not so cruel as to inflict these losers upon my fellow ladies, then it only follows that they’ll need to learn to pleasure other men.

There’s also the added benefit that the obvious distaste that many of them have for the idea of forced cocksucking amuses me greatly.

I normally start their cocksucking lessons by engaging in strap on phone sex. Learning what they need to do on a fake cock seems to make their first encounters with a real cock run a little more smoothly. Plus, I can also use it to train their slutty little asses in the event that I want to watch a full forced bi session at some point in the future. It never hurts to be prepared, and when it comes to being prepared for things that will humiliate my slaves, I am a fucking Girl Scout.

I sincerely doubt you will be one of the lucky few who is spared this fate, so you might as well get ready for it. You’re going to be a cocksucker whether you like it or not, and the sooner you accept this, the better off we’ll all be.


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Femdom Phone Sex

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Femdom Phonesex

Different women become Femdom Mistresses for different reasons.

I became one because I love being in charge and because I believe wholeheartedly in Female Supremacy. Women were meant to lead, and men were meant to be led. End of story.

The fact that men are dumb enough to let me take their money and jerk off while I’m doing it is merely icing on the cake…and more proof that they’re not bright enough to be in charge. They’re far too likely to listen to their cocks and get themselves into trouble they can’t get out of. That’s why they’re not to be trusted with anything important.

Leading you boys is a full-time job, which is why I decided to do domination phone sex in addition to being a real-life Mistress. If it’s going to be a full-time job either way, then why not make it an actual full-time job, you know? *Smiles*

I know that you need a woman like me in your life–to lead you, to spend your money, and to remind you of your place. That’s why you need to call your favorite Money Hungry Bitch right now and show me that you have what it takes to be one of my obedient little slave boys!


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Forced Feminization Phone Sex

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Forced Feminization Phonesex

Every now and then, I run into a slave boy who is much too self-assured for his own good. These are the kind who claim they want to submit but then try to top from the bottom and run the show when their assistance is most assuredly NOT needed.

As you can imagine, your phone sex Mistress is not the type of woman to put up with that kind of thing very long. I have a few tricks that I can use to take them down a peg or two.

My favorite way of doing so is forced feminization. I’m sure you can guess what happens to a cocksure wannabe sub when he mouths off one time too many and suddenly finds himself dressed up like the lot lizards who troll the overnight parking areas at truck stops! Suddenly, all that bravado goes right out the window, and it’s absolutely *hilarious* to observe.

Forced feminization phone sex is but one of the ways that I assert my dominance over you silly little slave boys. Want to find out more about that particular method or any of my others? Then pick up the phone and call me. Don’t wait around–do it right now.




Blackmail Phone Sex

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Blackmail Phonesex

Hello, boys.

There’s one thing you should know about me: I have the memory of an elephant. I never forget anything, and I can always recall information to mind anytime I need it. That’s why I’m such an excellent blackmail Mistress.

All it takes is one slip of the tongue for me to have you exactly where I want you. Maybe it happens during a forced intox call when you don’t have all your wits about you. Maybe you’ve convinced yourself that I’m not the money-hungry bitch I claim to be and think that I won’t use your incriminating information against you the first chance I get. It doesn’t matter what causes it to happen. All that matters is that it *does* happen.

That’s when my brain kicks into high gear. I start thinking of the various ways I can use this sensitive info, and I choose the one(s) that benefit(s) me the most. I may act on it immediately, or I may sit on it so long that you think I’ve forgotten and that you’re safe. But you know what? You’re never safe!

If you want a true blackmail phone sex session with someone who’s not afraid to get hardcore with you, then call me, but only if you have the balls to play my game….


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