Ignore Line Phone Sex

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Ignore Line Phonesex

Every now and then, I run across a loser who’s too much of a loser for me to even waste my time talking to. It doesn’t happen too often, but it does happen sometimes.

However, being the kind of woman that I am, I’m certainly not going to hang up on a man just because I don’t want to talk to his annoying ass. I’ll simply lay the phone down beside me and go on about my business, while the minutes rack up and the cash drains out of his bank account. *Laughs*

Oh, yes, I do so love relegating men to my ignore line. I don’t do it to most of the men who call me, but make no mistake: The ones who get it absolutely deserve it.

And what do I do while I ignore them? Whatever I please, really. If you have a smoking fetish, it might make you happy to know that I often have a cigarette or two while ignoring them. I may also do my nails, watch TV, talk on the phone to some of my friends, God knows what.

Interested in this particular form of financial domination phone sex (or any of the others)? Call me!


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Cum Eating Phone Sex

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Cum Eating Phonesex

Men are such ridiculous creatures. They’re more than willing to fork over the cash in their accounts to me in order to be walked through their own little fantasies–fantasies that they’re too chicken to go through with on their own. So what’s a money Domme like me to do? Offer my “assistance” to them, of course!

A great example of that very phenomenon is cum eating fantasies. So many men get hard at the thought of eating their own cum, but 9 times out of 10, they back down once they’ve actually shot their loads. So unless they have someone “making” them eat it, they never see the fantasy through to the end.

Now, I am perfectly willing to guide any man through his fantasy, provided he has ample funds. The exact amount depends on the man, the fantasy, and, naturally, the kind of mood he catches me in when he calls me. But let’s just say that Money Hungry Bitch’s assistance doesn’t come cheap, though it’s certainly worth every red cent.

Ready to open your wallet to make sure your fantasy comes true? Call me now for cum eating phone sex, and you might find me willing to help you out….


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Guided Masturbation Phone Sex

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Guided Masturbation Phonesex

It may seem silly for a man to need masturbation instructions, but I enjoy giving them, anyway. It’s a change from the usual routine of jerking off for him and a power rush for me, especially when I incorporate things like edging into it.

Now, you might be thinking that guided masturbation phone sex is an awfully “sensual Domme-y” thing for me to be into. But that’s only because you haven’t thought it through very well.

You see, when a man is all turned up from all the teasing and edging that goes into a guided masturbation session, he’s much more likely to do anything I want him to do in order to be allowed to cum. Do you see where this is going yet?

Oh, yes, guided masturbation is a fantastic way to part a fool from his money. Of course, paying up still offers no guarantee that I’ll allow them to cum, but they’re thinking with the small head instead of the big one, which is just the way I like subs to think when around me. *Laughs*

So if you like a little financial domination to go along with your guided masturbation, then you know what to do.


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Cuckold Phone Sex

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Cuckold Phonesex

As we have established often and well, your cock is more or less useless. It’s fit only for small penis humiliation and nothing more.

But since I don’t depend on worthless little slave boys and their worthless little dicks for my own sexual satisfaction, I don’t really care one way or the other. Your little popcorn shrimp between your legs is your problem, not mine.

Because of all this, it’s only naturally that a “man” like you would be turned into a cuckold for me. Teaching you to serve me in this way is a lot of fun for me and humiliating as hell for you. Of course, that’s fun for you in its own way, too, but that’s beside the point.

Training a slave can be boring and unrewarding, but training a cuckold slave is always fun and exciting. That’s one reason I can’t get enough of it! I will always take on new cucks, no matter how many I already have, as long as I think they’ll be suitably obedient.

Do you want to be Money Hungry Bitch’s newest cuckold phone sex slut? My stable is always open and accepting new cucks. Give me a call and see if you’ve got what I need.




Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex

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SPH Phonesex

Men are so very proud of their dicks. Even if the dicks are nothing to write home about, men want women to notice them and comment on them, even if what we have to say about them isn’t very nice. They’re like children–any attention is good, even if it’s negative attention. That’s the only explanation I have for the losers of the world who love SPH phone sex, anyway.

That’s fine, though, because I love giving these idiots the pure, unvarnished truth. I don’t believe in sugar-coating things. If you ask me what I think, I’m going to tell you, even if it’s not particularly flattering. But that’s what you little humiliation sluts want, isn’t it?

Any attention is good, you think. As long as it makes your cock hard, it doesn’t matter to you, does it? Even if it makes you the most pathetic excuse for a man on earth.

Lucky for you, your Money Hungry Bitch is an expert at small penis humiliation, and I’m ready and willing to prove it to you. I only hope you can handle it.

You know you want it.


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Ass Worship Phone Sex

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Ass Worship Phonesex

One of the worst things that a slave can do is assume. You know, ass of you and me, the whole bit. Except it’s really only you who’s the ass in that case. I can only be bright and shiny and wonderful, not assy.

So when your phone sex Mistress tells you to do something, you’d better be prepared to do it, rather than thinking I’m not serious.

For example, from time to time, I tell my slaves to kiss my ass. I don’t mean it figuratively. I mean it quite literally. I want them to get on their knees and kiss my perfect ass. When they ASSume that I’m only joking or that I’m speaking figuratively, it gets them into trouble. I mean, when I’m in the mood for ass worship, and I choose you to be the lucky bastard to do it, I expect to be worshipped, not giggled at stupidly.

Understood? Good.

Now that we’ve come to an understanding, I will allow you to engage in ass worship phone sex with me if you’ll be a good boy. You can certainly do that, can’t you? Go get your phone, slut. It’s time to call this Money Hungry Bitch and kiss her perfect ass!


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Intox Phone Sex

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Intoxication Phonesex

Hello, my dirty little darlings. How are all of you today? Jonesing for something that only your favorite poison and your favorite (and only) phone sex Mistress can give you? *Smiles* Just as I suspected.

You can pretend that’s so-called “forced intox” that you’re after if that makes you feel better about yourself. But we both know the truth. You come to me and beg me to get you fucked up in ways that you can’t do yourself.

Of course, the whole point is not merely to be drunk, high, stoned, or otherwise mentally altered. The point is to lose inhibitions and control to the point that I can take advantage of you in any way that I like. Isn’t that right? I may choose to blackmail you, make you suck cock, have you engage in my special CBT masturbation sessions, or any number of things. What I do with you isn’t so important as THAT I do something with you…something that you’re helpless to defend against.

That, in a nutshell, is why both of us love intoxication phone sex so much, isn’t it?

If you’ve got your phone and your favorite substance ready, then give this Money Hungry Bitch a call, and I’ll show you a real good time.


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Smoking Fetish Phone Sex

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Smoking Fetish Phonesex

I’ve been a smoker for much longer than it was legal for me to be. Of course, it was easier to get cigarettes then. Nobody really cared one way or the other if those of us under the legal age smoked. Things have certainly changed since then, but now, of course, I’m a good bit over the legal limit. That means I can get far better cigarettes and can enjoy them much more as well.

This should make you fetish phone sex lovers very happy, indeed.

Lucky for you, I don’t mind indulging your smoking fetish. Chances are, I’m going to be smoking as we chat, anyway, so I might as well discuss it with you. I’m sure your cocks will appreciate it…and your wallets will demonstrate your appreciation appropriately, yes?

I’m looking forward to hearing all about how much you love my French inhale and such things as that. When you’ve been smoking for as long as I have, you learn all kinds of tricks to tease the boys. I can blow perfect smoke rings, too, for your information.

Anyway, I’ve got a fresh pack of completely unopened cigs right here beside me. If one of you calls me quickly for smoking fetish phone sex, you’ll get to hear me smoke the first cig from the pack. Better hurry, though, before I start needing another.





Domination Phone Sex

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Domination Phonesex

Lots of men ask me why I became a Mistress. The answer is easy. How could I NOT be a Mistress, given how empty-headed and in need of guidance men are?

Some people would call my belief “Female Supremacy,” but I just call it the facts of life. It’s hardly *my* fault that men aren’t able to think their way out of a wet paper bag when their dicks are hard. It’s just a cruel trick of nature, especially when you consider that the average man thinks about something sexual every six or seven seconds. *Laughs*

As far as becoming a phone sex Mistress goes, it was really just a natural progression. I had local slaves, but I was aware that there were quite a few more men out there in the world who would love to serve me if only they had access to me. After a little research, I discovered how easy (and fun) domination phone sex was…and here I am.

I consider it a public service, honestly. Where else are you going to find such a perfect Mistress to give all your money to? 😉

Speaking of which, it’s time for you to stop mucking about on my blog and do just that. Call your favorite Money Hungry Bitch now at the number below. Talk to you soon!




Financial Domination Phone Sex

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Financial Domination Phonesex

You know what I don’t understand? I don’t understand how men can see the name of my site–Money Hungry Bitch–and still be stupid enough and arrogant enough to think that I can be placated by small amounts of money. It’s astounding, really. It kind of makes me wonder if they’re really just shooting for some brutal humiliation or something.

This happened fairly recently with a new caller. He spent quite a bit of time reassuring me that he wanted financial domination from an elite money Mistress like me. Then, he went on to say that he had lots and lots of cash that he could give me because I deserved it for being so Goddess-like, blah, blah, blah.

I hear this kind of thing often, so if he was hoping to get my heart racing by saying these things to me, it wasn’t working. After it went on for a while, I decided I’d test him to see if he’d put his money where his mouth was.

“All right then, my dear,” I said. “If you think I’m a Goddess, it’s time for you to tithe me.”

“How much, Goddess?” he asked.

“Give me what you think a Goddess like me deserves,” I replied. This is the test, you see. The figure he chooses says a lot about what kind of money slave he is.

He hemmed and hawed for awhile, and then he told me he was ready to tribute me. And after all that big talk, do you know what he offered me? $50! I laughed at him and asked him if he thought I was a waitress to get all excited over such a paltry sum.

Eventually, he added another zero in order to give a tribute more fitting a Goddess. Of course, that little bit is only the beginning, but he’ll find that out soon enough.

Do you know how to treat a Goddess better than the stupid slave mentioned above? Good! Now it’s time for you to put YOUR money where your mouth is and call Money Hungry Bitch up for a nice session of financial domination phone sex.


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