Feminization Phone Sex

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Feminization Phonesex

You know, it always amuses me when a little submissive boy calls me up and tell me he has a deep, dark secret to tell me. The secret almost always ends up being that he’s a sissy or a panty boy who likes being feminized. Sometimes, it goes farther than that into a curiosity about cock as well.

It’s hilarious to me that when these subbies inevitably confess, they always think I’m going to be shocked or something. Seriously? The crossdressing submissive is so common that it’s a cliché at this point. I’d be more surprised if a small-dicked sub DIDN’T crossdress, to be honest with you.

But it’s all right, because I enjoy toying with sissies and panty boys. Well, as long as they try to get demanding of my time or anything like that. As long as they are suitably appreciative, I don’t mind amusing myself with them. It’s kind of nice watching a third-rate man turn into a second-rate woman.

So if you’re looking for someone to confess to, call your favorite Money Hungry Bitch up. I’m sure I’ve heard it all before, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy some feminization phone sex together. Talk to you soon!


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Ignore Line Phone Sex

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Ignore Line Phonesex

As you probably already know from reading my blog, there are many, many methods for parting a fool from his money, to borrow an old expression. I like to use all of them and mix them up so I don’t get too bored. I know, you probably can’t imagine how financial domination could get boring, but I assure you, if I don’t change it up occasionally, it absolutely does.

One of the ways that I keep it fresh, so to speak, is the liberal use of my ignore line. For those of you who aren’t familiar with that term, it’s exactly what it sounds like. You call in, and I simply lay the phone down and go back to doing whatever I was doing. Then, you get to pay for the privilege of not talking to me! *Laughs* It’s ingenious, really.

Some of you boys love this and beg me to ignore you. Others just need to be introduced to it. You never know what you might overhear me do when you call in, you know….

Your phone sex Mistress is absolutely ready to ignore some of you silly little money pigs, so give me a call. I look forward to it.




Forced Bi Phone Sex

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Forced Bi Phonesex

Well, hello there, little slave boy. Come closer and let me get a good look at you. Your Femdom Mistress has to decide what tasks you’ll be most suited for, after all.

Hmm…I think I’ve got a pretty good idea what I’ll use you for. It’ll require a little training, but I think you’re perfect for the job.

You see, there’s a little something you should know about me. I love humiliating men because it amuses me. I mean, how else am I going to pass the time with you silly boys? Anyway, one of the ways I enjoy humiliating them is through having them pleasure one another. This works especially well for men who consider themselves straight to the core.

You’re one of those straight as an arrow types, aren’t you? Perfect! In that case, you will make a wonderful forced bi slave. *Laughs*

Of course you don’t WANT to do it. That’s the whole point. It wouldn’t be called forced bi phone sex if you were all gung ho about it. It also wouldn’t be humiliating for you, which means it wouldn’t be nearly as interesting to me.

You want to please me, don’t you? Very good. Now, open wide….


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Blackmail Phone Sex

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Blackmail Phonesex

Keeping secrets is hard to do, especially when you’re around someone who’s as skilled as I am at extracting things I’m not supposed to know. If I hadn’t decided to be a blackmail Mistress, I bet I would’ve made an excellent spy.

But luckily for you (and probably the world at large), I found I was much more interested in taunting men than in international espionage. So I use my extraction techniques to extort large sums of money from you financial domination addicts who like a bit of danger along with your fetish.

I am perfectly ok with this.

I will listen to you talk, set your mind at ease, and carefully extract the secrets that are of most use to me. Then, I will keep them in the back of my mind until the perfect time to use them against you arises. And that’s when you’ll pay me my hush money. Isn’t that right?

Oh, don’t act like the idea doesn’t turn you on. I know how you little blackmail slaves’ minds work. You’re always looking for your next thrill, the next big thing that sets your adrenaline pumping.

Well, here it is right now. Call your Money Hungry Bitch for blackmail phone sex and find what you’ve been missing all these years.


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Tease And Denial Phone Sex

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Tease And Denial Phonesex

Hey there, boys! Welcome to your phone sex Mistress‘s lair. What brings you here today? I mean, other than the fact that you want to submit to a strict, money-hungry Femdom, of course.

Aww, you aren’t feeling talkative? What’s wrong? Cat got your tongue? Or are you simply too awed by my presence to tell me what’s on your mind?

It doesn’t matter. I know how to get it out of you. I know how to get anything in the world I want from a man, actually. It’s so easy that it’s kind of pathetic.

Yes, a little teasing, a little denial, that’s all it takes. Boys think with their cocks entirely too much, and I am more than willing to indulge them. Tease and denial can get me anything I want, after all. So teasing you, getting your dick hard, and then denying you until you tell me what it is that brought you are? It’s almost too easy, really.

Unless of course you actually came here for tease and denial phone sex with your favorite Money Hungry Bitch. If that’s the case, then you’ve made my mission even simpler. I’ve given you what you want before you ever even told me what it was.

Ha! I would almost go so far as to say you’re a smart boy. *Laughs*




Cuckold Phone Sex

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Cuckold Phonesex

I think it’s funny how many men call me and tell me how small their cocks are, but then still have the audacity to think that they are somehow entitled to sexual attention from me. Yeah, right! Nothing can be farther from the truth. A small cock is good for one thing and one thing only–small penis humiliation.

However, the man who is attached to the small penis can be of some use to me. Not sexually, of course, but in a service-oriented manner of speaking. A man like that can be a cuckold, for example.

Cuckolding is one of my favorite things to do to unworthy men. Why? Because it involves some of my favorite things, like humiliation, financial domination (someone’s got to finance the dates I have with other men), and so forth. The fact that I get a big cock inside me at the end is icing on the cake.

Speaking of icing on the cake, if you’re a good boy, I might even let you clean up the nice, fresh creampie he leaves…with your tongue, of course.

Ready for cuckold phone sex with your favorite Money Hungry Bitch? Then call me already!




Cocksucking Phone Sex

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Cocksucking Phonesex

In my opinion, submissives look so much better on their knees. It doesn’t matter if they’re kneeling to show that they’re inferior to me or kneeling to perform some sort of service. I just think that they look better in their natural place, so to speak.

Of course, I would be remiss not to mention that kneeling puts them in the perfect position for cocksucking.

I love these bisexual scenes. Sometimes, they’re forced bi, and sometimes, they’re quite voluntary. It doesn’t really matter to me how it happens, though. I’m more interested in watching the show than worrying about the motivations of the participants, you know.

Sucking cock is so humiliating to these little sluts. Well, for most of them, anyway. So very few of them admit what they want because they’re so ashamed of it. That’s all right, though. If I order it, it will happen, regardless of how they feel about it. That’s the whole point of being a Mistress–making sure that what I want to happen will happen.

So, my little cocksucker-wannabes, you know what to do. Call your favorite Money Hungry Bitch now for cocksucking phone sex. I’ll even pretend like this was all my idea and that you had absolutely nothing to do with it if it makes you feel better!


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Forced Smoking Phone Sex

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Forced Smoking Phonesex

Smoking fetish is one of those fetishes that comes with a wide variety of fantasies that can manifest themselves in a number of different ways. That’s one reason that I happen to love this particular fetish, unlike most fetishes. I also enjoy it for the simple fact that I like to smoke, but that’s neither here nor there.

One of the most interesting smoking fetish fantasies to me is the forced smoking fantasy. Generally, it involves non-smoking submissive men who love watching dominant women like me smoke our favorite cigarettes. These men love feeling helpless to the strong dominant woman pushing the cigarette into their mouths and forcing them to smoke.

They’re nearly always horrified at the idea of doing something so unhealthy, but they’re unable to do anything about it. Their coughing and struggling always amuses me. But, of course, their cocks eventually get hard because of both the helpless submission and the fact that their lips are touching something recently touched by the lips of their Goddess. *Laughs*

Take notes, boys. THESE are the kinds of fetish phone sex calls I enjoy, not some of the inane bullshit that others of you come up with.

Call me and tell me *your* fetishes.


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Humiliation Phone Sex

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Humiliation Phonesex

Well, hello there. I see that I have yet another pathetic little slut here who is desperate to be told just exactly how pathetic he really is. It’s starting to be a cliché at this point, you know. Oh, well, that just gives me one more thing to laugh at you for, for being so predictable.

No matter what your initial reasoning was for wanting to talk to a phone sex Humiliatrix like me, the end result is always the same. You come to the realization that you are vastly inferior, whereas I am infinitely superior to you. That imbalance of power is what makes humiliation so potent.

Don’t believe me? Let me put it another way. If we were equals, you wouldn’t care if I thought that you were a loser because, by that reasoning, that would make me one as well. (That is obviously not the case, but go with me for a moment.) Therefore, my opinion of you wouldn’t matter at all. Similarly, if you were superior to me, you wouldn’t care what I thought, either, because the thoughts of your inferiors would mean nothing to you–just as what you think of me doesn’t matter a whit to me. Therefore, simply telling me that you want to be humiliated by me is in fact an admission of your inferiority.

If that was all too theoretical for you, don’t worry. I don’t plan on wasting my time with theories when you call me for humiliation phone sex. I’ll be too busy making sure you know your place for that.

Call me now. If you’re lucky, you won’t get my ignore line–the worst humiliation of all.


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Forced Intoxication Phone Sex

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Forced Intox Phonesex

Certain things can be very addictive, can’t they? Alcohol. Drugs. Your phone sex Mistress. So it makes perfect sense why these things should go together.

Don’t get the wrong idea, mind you. I won’t be partaking with you. I’ll sit here and smoke a cigarette and listen while YOU get all fucked up, though.

You mustn’t think I’m a snob for not participating. You see, one of us needs to keep a clear head, and that one of us needs to be me. Why? Because I can probably learn all kinds of valuable information from you while you’re under the influence of your poison of choice. Information that I can store away and use at a later date.

I’m definitely not above using my forced intox sessions to gather fodder for blackmail or financial domination sessions in the future. I may choose not to do it, or your secrets may be too dull for me to bother with it, but you should never, never forget that that possibility is always on the table. But that knowledge is what provides that added rush you crave so much, isn’t it?

Call your Money Hungry Bitch now for some forced intoxication phone sex. You’ll never be able to get enough….


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