Guided Masturbation Phone Sex

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Guided Masturbation Phonesex

Hello, my dear. I know your masturbatory routine has gotten so stale and boring that you’re just longing for the perfect Masturbatrix to help you put the punch back into it…aren’t you?

Don’t worry. I will gladly take care of this little problem for you.

Now, there’s one thing you’ll need to understand. You will be under complete cock control from me at all times, which means that I will tell you when or even if you will be allowed to cum. If you break this rule, or any of the others I set forth, you’ll be in very serious trouble. Understand?


The other thing you need to know is that when I give you instructions, I expect you to follow them. Your masturbation routine will not get the slightest bit more interesting if you continue doing that same old one-handed stroke thing you always do. Even my sexy voice in your ear is not going to help much. But if you perform the actions I tell you to perform, well, let’s say that the ending can be quite explosive if I allow it to be.

I know you’re just dying to give this guided masturbation phone sex thing a try, so I’ll let you get to it. Call me at the number below, and we’ll get started.


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Financial Domination Phone Sex

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Financial Domination Phonesex

There are a whole lot of different phone fantasies out there to choose from, assuming you’ll be allowed to choose. You can do almost anything in the world your little heart desires. And, in fact, I’m even in a generous enough mood to allow you to choose what you’d like to talk about today…under one condition.

And what might that condition be? Oh, you only have to agree to sell your soul to me. *Laughs* I’m always in the market for a new money slave, after all.

Yes, I might be a bit of a devil, but there are worse things to be than a cash cow for a beautiful woman. I mean, you could be a pay piggy for an old hag. That’d be much worse. If you’re going to be put in financial slavery, then at the very least, you should pick a woman you don’t mind being tethered to for the rest of your life.

Oh, but that’s getting a little ahead of myself. First, you’ll have to prove that you’re worthy of being a full-time ATM slave like that. I have all kinds of ways to determine that for myself, but if you want to know what they are, you’ll have to grab your big, fat wallet and call your Money Hungry Bitch for financial domination phone sex.


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Fetish Phone Sex

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Fetish Phonesex

Hello, darling pay pigs! Your always-sexy Goddess is back again with another scintillating blog post.

As you know, your Femdom phone sex Goddess has a limited tolerance for your silly little fetishes. I will gladly indulge you by listening to you wax rhapsodic about them as long as your wallet is open and the cash is flowing steadily into my bank account. Otherwise, I really don’t care that much about what gets your small dick off. *Yawn*

That’s not to say that there aren’t some fetishes I enjoy. Smoking fetish, for example. It warms my heart to have a man pay me to listen to me do something I would’ve done, anyway. *Laughs*

Of course, it all comes back to financial domination with me. I’ll give you almost anything you want…if you’ve got the cash for it. Please notice the “almost” in that sentence. You will never have enough money to make me fuck you, for instance. Fuck you *over*, yes. Fuck you? No way.

But you already knew that, didn’t you? That’s why you came to a site called “Money Hungry Bitch.” You wanted to be financially dominated by a superior Mistress who genuinely doesn’t give a shit about anything but your wallet, since that’s the only thing worthwhile that you can bring to the table. You know this, and I know it. So there’s really no sense in beating around the bush about it.

So if you like a little humiliation and wallet draining with your fetish phone sex, then you know what to do.



Body Worship Phone Sex

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Body Worship Phonesex

When you’ve got a fantastic body like mine, it deserves some extra-special attention. Don’t you agree?

I suppose it’s a good thing I have a perfect body, given how much I love to have it spoiled, pampered, and lavished attention upon. But even if it weren’t perfect (Heaven forbid), you would still worship me as a Goddess because I’m your phone sex Mistress, and I would tell you to. We both know you can’t resist anything I order you to do, don’t we?

But luckily for both of us, I do have an excellent body that’s ripe for worship. And that’s where you come in. No more how sexy and beautiful this body is, it ain’t gonna worship itself, you know.

Come over here and get on your knees. Tell your Mistress how much you adore her, how much you love performing body worship, and how you would love to worship her feet, legs, ass, and any other areas she will allow you to worship. If you do a good enough job of begging, I will let you show me what you’ve got. If you do a good enough job worshipping me…well, who knows what I might allow you to do?

But if you want to find out the answer to that question, you’ll have to bring your A-game and call your favorite Money Hungry Bitch for some body worship phone sex! Toodle-loo!


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Blackmail Phone Sex

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Blackmail Phonesex

Men are some silly, silly creatures. They already know what kind of phone sex Mistress I am before they ever call me. It says it right there in the title of my website, after all–Money Hungry Bitch!

But still, for some completely ridiculous reason, they call me up, tell me all their secrets, give me whatever sob stories they’ve got stored up, and then expect me to play the understanding girlfriend for them or something. Haha, yeah, right. I’m pretty sure if that’s what they REALLY wanted, they wouldn’t have called me.

Surely nobody’s THAT stupid.

But yet, they still do it, even though they know exactly what they’re getting into. That tells me that they don’t truly want me to keep their secrets, since they’re already fully aware of the fact that I am a true money Mistress who loves cash above all else. They tell me these things because they want to be blackmailed into handing over all their money. It’s kind of a game for them, but it’s deadly serious for moi.

Want to find out how serious? Why don’t you try your hand at blackmail phone sex with your friendly neighborhood Money Hungry Bitch? Let me warn you, though, there’s no way you can win. The deck’s already too stacked in my favor. *Laughs*


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Facesitting Phone Sex

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Facesitting Phonesex

You know, of all the places your Femdom Mistress could put her delectable ass right now, she’s chosen to put it down right on your face. You should be thankful, really. Not just everyone who comes along gets this privilege. Besides, I’m sure there are plenty of other, worthier places I could’ve perched my ass upon, but your face happened to be available and handy.

And while I know some of you don’t believe it, I do occasionally give some of you what you want. It’s not something you can depend on, of course, but if I think you’ll make a good body worship slave despite all your annoying begging, I’ll give you at least one chance to prove yourself. Understand that if you fuck it up, it’ll be the *only* chance you get…but still, it’s more than some ever have.

Since you’ve told me multiple times of your love for ass worship and I just so happen to be in the mood to have my perfect ass worshipped, then I figure it won’t hurt too much to give you the chance to try it at least once. Who knows? You may turn out to be good at it, and then I’ll have a brand-new body worship slave to use to my heart’s content.

Here’s hoping.

Now…aren’t you ready to give it a try? You should be. You never know how long I’ll stay in this kind of generous mood, so you’d better jump on it while you can.

Call your favorite (only) Money Hungry Bitch now for some facesitting phone sex with the best ass in the biz.


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Sissy Phone Sex

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Sissy Phonesex

Hello there, my little sluts! How are you today? If you’re not already doing quite well, you will be soon!

You see, we’re going to work on your feminization some more today. How, you ask? By going shopping, of course!

Yes, you and I are going shopping. We’ll pick out outfits for one another, shoes, makeup, all kinds of things. You’ll be using your credit card to pay for all this, naturally. And you’ll be carrying all the bags and such for your Goddess, but that’s such a small price to pay for getting to indulge this private, feminine side of you in such a public way, isn’t it?

Your phone sex Mistress takes SUCH good care of you, doesn’t she?

Don’t worry, you can thank me later.

Now, aren’t you ready for a nice shopping trip with me? I certainly hope so because I’m ready to go already. The only question is, are you?

Call your Money Hungry Bitch now for some sissy phone sex fun that you’ll soon find yourself addicted to. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? You’ll soon find out for yourself….




Strap On Phone Sex

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Strapon Phonesex

Hello there, phone slaves and sluts of all kinds. Are you here to properly serve your phone sex Mistress today? I sure hope you are. Otherwise, you might as well just go away because I have no use for someone who’s not interested in pleasing me and doing everything he can to make me happy.

As you probably already know, the types of phone fantasies I think about change depending on my mood. Today’s favorite is strap on phone sex. The idea of strapping on my biggest dildo, making a slave boy suck on it, then turning him around, bending him over, and pounding his ass with it brings a big smile to my face. Doubly so when you consider he’s paying me for the privilege! *Laughs*

If you’re a good boy and tribute me properly, I’ll even be generous and throw in a little anal training before I go crazy on your ass!

Oh, come now. I know you’re dying to feel me penetrate you with this big black cock of mine. So why wait any longer? Call your favorite Money Hungry Bitch right now, and we’ll make it happen. I can’t wait…can you?


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Smoking Fetish Phone Sex

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Smoking Fetish Phonesex

Well, hello, boys. Did you come here to see something in particular, or are you just passing through, browsing the time away?

Of course, you came to see something in particular, or else you wouldn’t be here! *Laughs* And if the name of this post is any indication, you’re here to see a woman smoking. Well, take a good look at that picture, and you’ve got what you wanted.

Except that’s really not enough, is it? A picture really isn’t worth a thousand words, at least not in this case. You want to hear a woman enjoying her cigarette. You want to imagine the smoke curling around her head. You want to hear each inhalation, to imagine the smoke filling her lungs, and then to hear it as she exhales slowly, blowing the smoke out in one long cone. That’s what it’s going to take to satisfy your smoking fetish, isn’t it?

I know how you fetishists’ minds work. And I’m going to use it to my advantage. What? You didn’t think a phone sex Mistress like me was just going to give you what you wanted out of the goodness of my heart, did you? I’m going to get *something* out of it if I’m going to cater to your silly little fetish.

But what will I get out of it? You’ll have to call me for smoking fetish phone sex to find out.




Forced Intox Phone Sex

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Forced Intox Phonesex

In vino veritas.

In wine, there is truth.

Must be why so many of you boys who call me need a little social lubricant to spill your dirty secrets to me. I am, of course, happy to help with that. I love the fact that I never quite know what’s going to come out until the moment of truth arrives. And if it takes a little forced intoxication to get us there, then so be it.

It’s hardly fair to call it “forced,” though. You boys know that you want to confess to me, but you also know that you’re terrified of telling me the truth sober. So you beg me to get you drunk, like a college girl at a frat party, so I can do what I like with you.

Such is life, I suppose.

Once you’re nice and drunk, I’ll be ready to hear all your dirty secrets. Funny how many of them involve cocksucking, though.

Oh, don’t act all surprised. This is hardly my first rodeo, nancy.

If you need a Confessor to hear your sins and secrets, then call your Money Hungry Bitch now for forced intox phone sex and pay for the privilege. *Laughs*


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