Teasing Phone Sex

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Teasing Phonesex

Men love to be teased. They may say that they don’t, but it’s totally untrue. They get off on teasing like crazy.

How do I know? Because their dumb asses seek it out, of course!

They want a Femdom Mistress who’ll keep them constantly on edge without ever letting them go over it. That suits me just fine because I love inducing blue balls. I’m so good at it, after all. Haha!

There’s an art to teasing, just like there’s an art to everything else sexual. Teasing just happens to be one of my favorites because if you deny a man orgasm long enough, he’ll do damn near anything you want. That almost always works in my favor and is something that I count on as a money Mistress. 😉

Yes, men will submit to all kinds of financial domination on the off chance that I might let their pitiful little dicks cum. It’s so pathetic that it’s hilarious, really.

But, you know, that’s why nobody else is as good at tease and denial as I am!

If you want to try your luck with this orgasm denial Bitch, then start dialing. Just be prepared for the inevitable blue balls, LOL!


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Financial Domination Phone Sex

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Financial Domination Phonesex

Hello to all you pathetic little slave boys out there. Are you ready to serve your Femdom phone sex Goddess today?

Of course you are!

The only question is how you’re going to serve me. I can’t say that I’m very particular about this, as long as whichever way you choose involves me draining your wallet for you. They don’t call me Money Hungry Bitch for no reason, you know.

The little humiliation sluts out there might be interested in my ignore line. Nothing is more pathetic than you paying to be completely ignored by yours truly, so that’ll probably appeal to the emotionally masochistic fucktards who read my posts, LOL!

For those of you who aren’t quite as hardcore but need to be kept in money slavery, anyway, I have plenty of other ways to separate you from your hard earned dinero. It’s not like it’s difficult for me, after all. You idiots are all standing in line to empty your bank account into mine, while I laugh at you because I neither want nor need your money. I just like taking it from you because we both know you don’t deserve it.

Financial domination makes Money Hungry Bitch laugh all the way to the bank!

I hope there are plenty of pay piggies out there to amuse me. We can’t have me getting bored, now can we? Very bad things happen when I’m bored….

Call me now and entertain me! It’s in your best interest.


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Body Worship Phone Sex

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Body Worship Phonesex

As you already know, I am a Femdom Mistress and a Goddess. That means that I deserve to be worshipped in every single way.

You will give me plenty of body worship to show me how much you adore my perfect body. And, of course, you’ll tithe me as any good Goddess worshipper should.

I’ll let you begin with my feet. A long foot worship sessions sounds just like what I need right about now. You can kiss and lick them for as long as I tell you to. Make sure that you cover every single inch of them in kisses, and, of course, make sure that you tell me repeatedly how much you appreciate having this honor bestowed on you because you know you’re completely unworthy of it!

If you do a satisfactory job with the foot worship, and I happen to be in the mood for it, I might even let you progress to some leg worship. I expect foot and leg massages if I allow that to happen. Only the truly lucky (and truly devoted) will be allowed to perform ass worship on their Goddess. You’re probably not one of the truly lucky. Sorry.

But if you’d like to give it a try, you’re welcome to do so. Just call Money Hungry Bitch at the number listed below to get body worship phone sex with your Goddess.


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Greedy Money Mistress Phone Sex

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Greedy Money Mistress Phonesex

As you can probably guess by name, Money Hungry Bitch, I don’t suffer fools or cheapos gladly. I am a greedy money Mistress, and I relish in the job.

That’s why true money slaves come to me. They know I’m real. I’m not going to play games or jump through silly hoops or anything like that. I am the phone sex Mistress, and you are the slave. If anyone will be jumping through hoops, it’ll be you, not me.

However, if real financial domination is what you’re after, then you’re in the right spot. I do so love coming between a man and his hard-earned money. It’s practically orgasmic for me.

The road to financial slavery is paved with good intentions, much like the road to hell. And, let me tell you, once you’re my utter and abject money slave, there’s not much difference between that and being in hell. I am Ms. Satan around here, and what I say goes. If that involves you draining your life savings right into my bank account, then you’ll do it and kiss my feet to thank me for the opportunity to serve me.

As you can see, I don’t play around when it comes financial domination phone sex. If you’re of a similar mind, then give me a call.


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Humiliation Phone Sex

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Humiliation Phonesex

I always do get a kick out of humiliating men like you. The pathetic ones. The useless ones. The ones who desperately want attention and validation, but know you’re not going to get either from a mean phone sex Mistress like me.

Oh, but that knowledge turns you on even more, doesn’t it?

In my opinion, the best humiliation phone sex involve me watching you on cam. I won’t have my cam on. You don’t deserve a treat such as that. But I’ll be watching you. Like Big Brother, my eye is always on you.

If I’m watching you on cam, I get to not only order you to do extremely humiliating things, but also watch you in real time as you do them. It’s win/win, at least for me. And I *am* the only one who matters here, aren’t I?

You’ll get naked for me on cam immediately if you aren’t already when you turn it on. I think a little CFNM humiliation is always an excellent way to start the show. From there, we’ll proceed on to other things, like small penis humiliation (naturally) and other things whose surprise I won’t ruin by mentioning them here.

If you want a real, live phone sex Humiliatrix, you’ve found yourself one. Now, if only you’re brave enough to call her….


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CBT Phone Sex

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CBT Phonesex

Your phone sex Mistress has heard she’s a bitch a few thousand times. Seems that’s the go-to insult for women like me these days. But the over-usage of the word has kind of fallen into the realm of ridiculous at this point.

You see, I’m not a bitch for being true to my nature. I may, however, be a bitch for the CBT I’d like to inflict on your poor cock and balls.

Every good CBT phone sex session begins with a little tease and denial. It is my special “cock and ball tease (and torment),” after all. But what happens after I get you all worked up and begging for more is what can really be…intense.

I have all kinds of little tricks of the trade I intend to bring out while teasing and tormenting you. Do you have toys? I hope so. If not, we’ll just have to improvise, and I can assure you that improvisation can be much, much worse than just having toys on hand to start with.

Dare you try out my own special CBT? Come on. Be a man. Find out what domination phone sex with the Money Hungry Bitch really is. Ta-ta.


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Smoking Fetish Phone Sex

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Smoking Fetish Phonesex

I love to smoke. I love the way a cigarette feels between my lips, the way the smoke feels as it fills my lungs, and, most of all, the pathetically lustful looks I get from the smoking fetish freaks of the world when I light one up. It’s quite nice, really.

Using a man’s fetish to drive him crazy is one of the most effective methods of teasing in the known universe. It works just about every time. That, of course, is why I do it.

Smoking fetish phone sex can be quite an experience if one snags a fetishist who’s hardcore enough about it. Are you one of those hardcore fetishists? I hope so. I want to hold my cigarette between my perfectly manicured fingers and blow a long stream of smoke right into your face. Then, I want to watch your cock get hard as you realize I’ve got you right where I want you.

Do you want to continue watching me smoke? There’s a price for that, you know. And the price, naturally, is financial domination.

Hey, if you’re going to play the game, play it right. Fetish phone sex is no more than a game to me, anyway, so who’s going to blame me if I stack the deck in my favor?


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Cuckold Phone Sex

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Cuckold Phonesex

Hello, boys. Your phone sex Mistress loves big cocks…and, unfortunately, you don’t have one. In fact, your cock is so small as to be nearly nonexistent. It’d be almost sad, really, if it weren’t so very, very funny!

So I certainly can’t look to you useless submissives to keep me sexually satisfied. Fortunately, I have a large assortment of bulls running around the place, some of them with big black cocks, to keep me happy. But you know what that means, yes? It means that you are nothing but a complete and utter cuckold phone sex slave.

Oh, and even better: When I’m fucking my black studs, that makes you an interracial cuckold slave! *Laughs*

Don’t be silly. I know how much you love the idea of being a cuck. You would probably give your left nut for the opportunity to watch your Mistress’s pussy filled to the brim with a huge dick.

You don’t have to give that, though. You simply have to cough up a little cash in the form of financial domination to your money hungry bitch, and you can watch to your heart’s content!

Mmm, the idea of making you my cuck is sounding better and better. Call me now, and you, too, can be an interracial cuckold phone sex bitch.


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Goddess Worship Phone Sex

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Goddess Worship Phonesex

There are many ways you can show your appreciation for and devotion to me, your Goddess, your phone sex Mistress. Don’t get me wrong: You will have to pay for the privilege of each and every one, but at the least the options are out there for you.

One of those ways to show your appreciation is with body worship. Of course, you can imagine that there is quite a premium for being allowed to worship MY perfect body. But you’re not going to let a little thing like that stop you, are you? You say you love being my pay pig, after all….

After submitting to the proper amount of financial domination, I will allow you to worship the body part of my choosing. It may be my feet or my legs or my breasts or even my ass, depending on how pleased I am with your offering.

No, you do NOT have the money to be allowed to worship my pussy, so don’t even bother asking.

I can’t wait to laugh at all you losers who are going to be lining up to open your wallets for a session of Goddess worship. Something tells me it’s going to be hilarious.

Call me now and show me you’re serious about serving a Femdom phone sex Goddess like me.


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Financial Domination Phone Sex

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Financial Domination Phonesex

A pay pig is good for one thing and one thing alone. And that one thing is emptying his wallet for his phone sex Mistress.

You understand that, don’t you? I hope you’re not so dumb that I have to explain it. I don’t care for you in the slightest. I don’t care about you, your problems, your hopes, your dreams, nothing. I care about what you can DO for me. And what you can do for me, bitch boy, is submit to the world’s most brutal financial domination.

To say that I am a money Mistress is the understatement of the year. I am a greedy money Mistress and then some. I drive men to distraction, and they just give and give and give and give.

It’s all for nothing, though. I still won’t give them the time of day. But they dig their financial slavery hole deeper by the day, and I can’t tell you how much it amuses me.

You’re no different from any of them. All pay pigs are the same, after all. You’re only good for financial domination phone sex. After that, I don’t need you. So call me now, make yourself useful, let me laugh at you a bit, then FUCK OFF until next time!


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