Sissy Phone Sex

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Sissy Phonesex

I can’t lie–I love sissy phone sex. It’s not because I have some kind of a soft spot for sissy bitches or anything. It’s just because it’s freaking hilarious to me to dress a grown man up like Skank Ho Barbie and make him do things for me.

So, yes, if you’re wondering, it’s the humiliation aspect of sissfying dudes that makes it so much fun for me.

I like seeing just how outrageous I can get…how crazy the outfits can be…how embarrassing I can get them to look and act…how many cocks I can have them suck for my amusement. It all ties into the same thing, really. Forced feminization, forced bi, it’s all the same to me. As long as I have some loser to laugh at, everything is fine and dandy in my world.

Of course, we can’t forget the financial domination aspect, either. Just how much money WILL you pony up to be made a fool of and laughed at? Probably a lot, knowing your kind. Come on and call up this Money Hungry Bitch now and show me just what kind of idiot you really are. I’m waiting.


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Female Supremacy Phone Sex

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Female Supremacy Phonesex

Let’s get one thing straight here. I’m in charge here, and I always will be. Not because I choose to be or because you “let” me. (Isn’t that laughable to contemplate? You “allowing” me to do anything?) I’m in control because females are naturally superior to males, so Female Supremacy is really the only option.

Yes. You are pathetic and weak. I am admirable and strong. That’s why you’re the simpering little male submissive while I am the Femdom phone sex Goddess. Consider it evolution at its finest.

Because I am so superior to you, it’s your place to take care of me. Think of me as the Queen bee, while you’re one of the little worker drones. You’re going to work your ass off, so I can live my life with every comfort available to me. Bees call it “life.” I call it financial domination.

You, on the other hand, will call it “just another day of serving my strict Mistress.” *Laughs*

What are you waiting for, slave boy? You know you want to give yourself (and your wallet) over to me. True financial domination phone sex is only a phone call away, if you’re brave enough to dial, that is!


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Moron John

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Yes John ….. I’m talking to you!! Your flippin phone system sucks. You want to be taken deeper and your too moronic to even get your phone system in check. I tried to call your stupid ass back and you know what is happening. Get it fixed!! Then you just may be given a chance to make it up to me!