CFNM Humiliation Phone Sex

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Humiliation Phonesex

Mmm…humiliation. It’s such a delightful word, isn’t it? It can mean so many different things…or so many techniques, rather. There are an infinite number of ways to humiliate a man, especially a pathetic little thing like you.

Today’s humiliation blog, however, will discuss CFNM humiliation. That is, Clothed Female, Naked Male.

I love this type of humiliation for several reasons. One, it reinforces my position in regards to you. I can see you naked any time I like, but you will never see me naked because you do not deserve to. Secondly, it reminds you of just how very vulnerable you are before me, which I do so enjoy. And finally, it’s an excellent excuse for me to laugh at you.

Yes, there will be small penis humiliation involved, but I suspect you already knew that, didn’t you? The SPH is only the beginning, however. I won’t be revealing all my secrets just yet, though. It’s so much more fun to make you wait and beg, and then surprise you with it later….

Are you ready? If not, you better get that way soon because I’m planning on humiliating a large number of men today, and I expect you to be among their ranks.




Orgasm Denial Phone Sex

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Orgasm Denial Phonesex

There are lots of things I love in life: money, luxurious things, telling men “no.” It’s a wonderful world we live in. Don’t you agree?

That’s one reason I love male orgasm denial so much. I get to combine my love of money with my love of telling men “no.” They spend money calling me, and I spend time telling them “no.”

I do so love when men pay for their own denial. *Laughs*

You smoking fetishists will also be happy to know that I’m often smoking a cigarette when I deny you your orgasms. It certainly does help the “villainous” image, yes?

Yes, I sometimes blow smoke rings while I ever-so-cruelly laugh and tell you that you won’t be cumming today. Sometimes, I even go farther and say that you won’t be cumming anytime soon, either. There’s something so wonderful about hearing my own voice saying such things. I absolutely adore it.

Don’t you want to be denied by a villainous, smoke-ring-blowing, cruel Money Hungry Bitch? Of course you do. Well, then, you know what you need to do, and it involves your telephone and your credit card. So get to it, boy.




Financial Domination Phone Sex

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Financial Slavery

While it’s certainly true that I discuss a number of fetish-related topics on this blog, there’s one that always has and always will stand as my favorite. Even if you know nothing else at all about me, I’m sure you know what it is. If nothing else, the name of my website and the title of this blog post should’ve tipped you off.

I’m talking about financial domination, naturally.

Everything in my world comes back to this. Want to talk about your fetish? Ok, fine. Pay up, and we’ll talk. If you have enough money, you can probably get me to talk about nearly anything. Or, if I happen to not be in the mood to listen, you get the ignore line. It just depends.

But, yes, my first and only love is money. I have no particular love for any of the slaves who serve me, but I do like what comes out of their wallets.

Certainly, being a financial slave is not the life for everyone. It takes a special kind of loser to get off on such cavalier treatment, but I know there are plenty of you out there. And for those of you who haven’t taken the plunge yet, I invite you to do so.



Trampling Fetish Phone Sex

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Trampling Phonesex

As most of you probably know by now, I take great pleasure in using men in any way I see fit. I especially like reminding him of his place beneath me. Sometimes, I do this in “conventional” ways; other times, I like using more unusual methods to achieve the same result. And, occasionally, I even do so in a very literal manner.

From time to time, I enjoy using trampling as one of those literal methods of putting a man beneath me. This is, of course, the act of having a man lie down, either on his back or his stomach, depending on what I want to do with him that day, and walking all over him. I really like doing this while wearing a pair of spiked stiletto heels. *Laughs*

The trampling alone is both physically and psychologically intense. But when I combine it with a little cock and ball-squishing, that ups the intensity factor significantly, as you can well imagine.

I do so love CBT, in all its forms, after all.

Wouldn’t you like to be my literal doormat, to be trod upon and trampled? Of course you would. In that case, don’t waste any time. Go pick up your phone and card now and give your favorite Money Hungry Bitch a call.


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Ignore Line Phone Sex

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Ignore Line Phonesex

As I’m sure you already know, I have quite a few different ways of relieving fools of their money. It only makes sense that I would. I am, after all, a financial domination Mistress first and foremost.

I won’t reveal all of them here, of course. I don’t believe in showing my hand too early, and besides, a little surprise is good for you.

I will say, though, that I am a big fan of the use of my ignore line. Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like. You pay my per-minute rate–and possibly a tribute as well, depending on what kind of mood I’m in–for me to totally ignore you. It’s both humiliating and terribly effective at the same time.

For my part, I go on about my business as though you weren’t even there because, to me, you aren’t. My ignore line is simply an extension of my contempt for you little worms. You’re utterly insignificant to me. So insignificant, in fact, that I can completely forget about your existence, even while I’m draining your wallet.

It is a wonderfully effective way of reminding you of your place, and if you’re a financial slave of mine, you can certainly expect to be sent to it regularly.



Ruined Orgasm Phone Sex

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Cock Control Phonesex

As I have made clear many times, complete orgasm denial is my preferred method for dealing with male slaves. It reminds them who is in charge, keeps them in line, and generally makes them more obedient.

But I don’t always stick with strict orgasm denial. What fun would that be? And I’m certainly not going to subject myself to something that bores me if I don’t absolutely have to. So I change it up every now and then.

That’s not to say that I’m willing to let a man cum. Of course not. That would be utterly ridiculous. There are many other ways to toy with him besides just pure denial or actually letting him have an orgasm. Having him milk his own prostate is one. Ruined orgasms are another, and a big favorite of mine. There’s very little that’s more delightful than bringing a man right to the point of orgasm and then completely destroying the experience for him. I suppose THAT will teach him to beg me to let him cum! *Laughs*

In theory, it’s possibly that I might one day give in and let you cum. But in practice, it’s not very likely. You’re welcome to call me and try your luck, though.


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Smoking Fetish Phone Sex

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Smoking Fetish Phonesex

Hello, boys. Happy almost New Year.

Today we’re going to discuss one of the few fetishes that I can tolerate for any length of time–smoking fetish. It’s one I actually enjoy discussing because it means that I can puff away while I talk and not even have to hide it from you. The fact that you’re getting off on it is secondary, of course, but whatever.

The reason I bring this up now is partly because there’s no such thing as a bad time to talk about it and partly because it’s New Year’s Eve. There will be lots of people smoking tonight. Some of them rarely ever smoke, but they do sometimes smoke when they drink, so they’ll be hitting their packs hard this New Year’s Eve. Others will be making resolutions to give up smoking, so they’ll be hitting their packs hard as well, as a last hurrah of sorts before going cold turkey tomorrow. (I am certainly not planning on giving the habit up, but I know some people will be.)

I point this out to you because you will no doubt be going out tonight and seeing plenty of women who are smoking. But that doesn’t bother me at all because I know you will still call me for your fetish phone sex fix because no one in the world understands your smoking fetish quite like I do.

Go on. Call me. You know you want to.



Femdom Phone Sex

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Domination Phonesex

Hello there, boys.

As the year winds quickly to an end, it’s hard to avoid looking back nostalgically at it, even for a hardcore phone sex Mistress like me. Yes, believe it or not, even I have a heart that can be warmed by certain things. Don’t tell anyone, though. I have a certain reputation to uphold, you know.

Admittedly, most of what brings the biggest smiles to my face is remembering all those times that I totally screwed my slave boys over with things like blackmail. That should be enough to re-establish my reputation. *Laughs*

As for what I’m looking forward to in the New Year? Oh, well, more of the same, I suppose. Hopefully in larger quantities because for a Money Hungry Bitch, too much is never enough. In fact, I expect to score some more of the aforementioned blackmail slaves through some drunken New Year’s Eve calls very soon. I’m definitely looking forward to that…but more on that later.

Are you ready for your last hurrah at Femdom phone sex before the year is out? Good. Get your phone and call me now before time runs out. I expect to see you soon, and then to see plenty more of you in the upcoming year. It’s not like you’ll have much choice in the matter, after all. *Laughs*




Cuckold Phone Sex

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Cuckold Phonesex

As any Femdom Mistress worth her salt will tell you, there are a number of different “types” of slaves. And as any Mistress who isn’t afraid to tell it like it is will tell you, some of these types are more useful than others.

I won’t get into the hierarchies of different types of slaves here, but if you’re curious, I may do a post about it later. What I want to discuss instead is a particular type of slave, the cuckold slave.

I find that most cucks are quite useful. The more pathetically submissive they are, the more I can use them to my advantage, which is the way it should be, after all.

You see, cucks tend to be motivated by the hope or the promise of humiliation. This makes sense because their entire fetish is more or less humiliation-based. They will do all manner of things in order to get their humiliation fix, and I am more than happy to enable this, as it almost always means plenty of amusement and cash for me. I will need new clothing and the money to pay for a nice date with my bull, you know.

So, yes, I find cuckolds very useful indeed. If you happen to be one, then I urge you to give me a call.



CBT Phone Sex

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CBT Phonesex

It’s quite true that many men have called me a ballbusting Mistress over the years. And, yes, it is certainly the truth when they say it…in more ways than one. *Laughs*

I am, of course, talking about my love for CBT. Some of you love it, and some of you hate it, but when I’m in the mood to go to town on a man’s cock and balls, all of you will submit to it. It’s amusing how many of you learn to love my cock and ball torments when I decide to inflict them on you. So much so that you often ask for it yourselves without my even prompting.

Of course, if you’re wanting it on your own, you’ll have to pay for it. And beg. And then pay up some more. Then, perhaps, I will be willing to humor you. But perhaps not. You’ll just have to try it to find out.

Lucky for all you CBT enthusiasts, I’m in the mood to torment some cocks and balls right now, so if you’re in the mood for it as well, now would be a great time for you to call me. Do it quickly, though, before I grow bored and change my mind.


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