Forced Cocksucking Phone Sex

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Forced Bi Phonesex

As most of you already know, making men do things they’re not entirely comfortable with is one of my specialties. I find it amusing, and it almost always yields some…interesting…results.

One of the things that’s at the top of my “Making Men Do” list is forced cocksucking. Most of them act all reluctant about it, but I have yet to see one man who didn’t have a hard-on while he had another man’s dick in his mouth. Funny how that works, isn’t it? *Laughs*

And not only do they hard-ons while they’re doing it, but they also end up coming back for more eventually. It might be tomorrow, or it might be a year from now, but they’ll be back. There’s something addictive about paying a Money Hungry Bitch to force you to suck dick. Of course, the fact that they keep coming back for it puts the whole “forced” thing into question, but we won’t look at that part too closely.

I don’t know about you, but I’m in the mood to drain some wallets via forced bi phone sex. If you feel game, all you have to do is call….




Blackmail Phone Sex

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Blackmail Phonesex

As a phone sex Mistress, I must admit that I love long phone sex calls. And it’s not just because every minute I spend on the phone with you drains your wallet a little more, either, although that is part of it.

It’s also because the longer I talk to you boys, the more comfortable you become with me. And the more comfortable you’ve become, especially after you’ve had a few drinks, perhaps, the looser your lips become. (I covered this to some degree in my recent post on forced intox.) And since I’m the kind of woman who never lets an opportunity pass me by, I always take advantage of those times when you feel particularly…chatty, let’s say.

I will be asking all the right questions and taking notes on the answers. And then I will tuck them away for safekeeping and keep them there until you feel completely certain that I won’t be using them against you. Then, when your defenses are at their lowest, I begin building my blackmail phone sex web.

I don’t even mind telling you this. It’s not like you’ll be able to defend yourself against it, even if you know in advance what I’m doing. I’m quite…persuasive…after all.




Goddess Worship Phone Sex

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Blackmail Phonesex

Hello to all my admirers out there.

As you know, we are entering a time of year during which many people find themselves in a rather worshipful mood. Not being one to let an opportunity pass me by, I’m more than happy to take advantage of these newly pious feelings amongst my admirers.

At this deeply contemplative time of year, why not take this opportunity to go from mere admirer to worshipper? Goddess worship is an excellent way to spend your time, particularly when the Goddess in question is me.

You may open your wallets to tithe me as much as you wish. I encourage you to be very generous because it may mean that I’ll look upon you more favorably. I can make no guarantees, of course, but anything is worth it to try to curry your Goddess’s favor.

As time goes on, if I am pleased with your offerings of money, I may come up with other ways for you to worship me. But first, you must prove that you’re serious by giving yourself over to utter financial slavery. Then and only then will it be possible to perhaps move on to other things.



Forced Intoxication Phone Sex

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Intox Phonesex

Hello again to all my little financial slaves slaves out there. I trust that you’re all doing well enough to open your wallets to me today?

Very good.

Today, we’re going to discuss one of my favorite ways of parting men from their money: forced intox.

The name is perhaps a misnomer. You boys come to me in hopes that I will get you intoxicated in the manner of your choice so that your defenses will be lowered and you will be more likely to do what I want. We can hardly call that “forced,” but I’m willing to play along for now. All the information I get from your loose lips will certainly come in handy when it comes time for blackmail….But that’s a blog post for another day.

Because I’m such a kind and generous Money Hungry Bitch, I’ll even let you choose your poison. It’s the least I can do, considering what I’m going to get out of the deal.

So come on. Bring your favorite substance along and give me a call at the number below. You never know just how far down you can go until you try it with me.


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Male Chastity Phone Sex

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Male Chastity Phonesex

One of the most important parts of my philosophy about the treatment of one’s slaves is the belief in the power of orgasm denial. I know from plenty of experience that the more I deny a man his orgasm, the more likely he is to fall all over himself to be obedient to me. It’s perfectly lovely, really.

But some of you have a problem with this. That’s why I like to use male chastity. It assures me that you will deny yourself, simply because you will have no choice in the matter.

Besides, there’s something terribly humiliating about having to buy yourself a chastity device. You give every dime you have to your financial Mistress, but just this once, I’ll let you spend a little on yourself. Too bad it’s got to be for something that’ll ensure that you don’t have an orgasm pretty much ever again. You poor, poor soul.

Some men actually grow to love the feeling of being in chastity. Some even come to me before they get all enmeshed in my money games to tell me that they want me to lock them up. I rarely indulge fetishes, but this is one that benefits me, so why wouldn’t I?


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Ignore Line Phone Sex

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Financial Domination Phonesex

Hello again.

Contrary to what many of you may believe, I don’t sit beside my phone for 16 hours a day, waiting anxiously for your call. I lead a very active life, and I enjoy doing a wide variety of different things.

On the other hand, though, I am always a Money Hungry Bitch at heart. Just because I’m too busy (or too uninterested) to talk to you doesn’t mean that I’m not more than happy to take your money while I’m doing something else. That’s what my ignore line is for, after all, and I love putting it to good use whenever I can.

How humiliating for you to pay to be totally ignored. You know, just like how beautiful women ignore you in real life. Only during your time listening to me do whatever it is I want to do at the time, your wallet is steadily being drained of cash.

It’s wonderful, really, and one of my favorite ways of relieving men of their monetary burden. Aren’t I just so very thoughtful?

Are you interested in some financial domination? Good. Call me. Maybe you’ll get lucky and get to actually talk to me…or maybe you’ll be listening to nothing but dead air while I suck every dime out of your bank account!



SPH Phone Sex

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Humiliation Phonesex

As most of you are probably already aware, there are many, many types of humiliation. I’m familiar with all of them and use most of them regularly. What is a Humiliatrix without a large arsenal at her disposal, after all?

But one of the most effective methods that I use is, of course, small penis humiliation. Nearly every man who calls me to be humiliated has a small cock, so it’s useful over a wide variety of calls. Besides, it amuses me that a man will pay me to hear me disparage his penis. *Laughs*

I especially like to play games with them. Tell me how small you are, and then I’ll tell you how big your cock would have to be–minimum–if you were to be allowed to come anywhere near me. Subtract the two numbers, multiply the answer by the number of my choosing, and pay up. $100 is usually what I go with as the multiplier, but sometimes I do more. It just depends on my mood.

If you like humiliation mixed with your financial domination or financial domination mixed with your humiliation, then give your Money Hungry Bitch a call right now. If you’re going to be laughed at, you should be laughed at by the best. Don’t you agree?



Guided Masturbation Phone Sex

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Guided Masturbation Phonesex

Hello again, my little slaves. What brings you here today to your favorite Money Hungry Bitch’s website?

Oh, never mind. Don’t answer that. I already know. You’re here because your cock is hard and you desperately want a release. But even more than release, you want me to take control of you and your cock…and you want to pay for the privilege.

Sounds good to me. I like cock control, and I absolutely love wallet draining. What’s not to love about that arrangement?

One of my favorite ways to take control of a man’s cock is through the use of guided masturbation. Basically, I tell you how to jerk it, and you follow my instructions. You don’t want to know what happens if you don’t follow them, so don’t press your luck there.

Of course, there’s a very good possibility that there’ll be some CBT mixed in there, too. There’s also not much of a possibility that I’m going to let you cum at the end, but I suppose you can always try your luck either way.

I’m sure you’re ready to get started, so I’ll end this post here. Go get your phone and of course your credit card and call me right now.


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Sissy Phone Sex

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Sissy Phonesex

I once thought that there was nothing more pathetic than a man who didn’t know how to be a man. A lack of masculinity, it seemed, was a huge sin. But since then, I’ve learned two very important things.

1.) Almost all men are severely lacking in masculinity.

2.) The most pathetic thing is not an unmasculine man. It’s a man who, after discovering that he fails at being a man, tries being a woman and fails at that, too. In other words, a sissy.

If you’re a sissy, I won’t go into too much detail about how pathetic you are here on this blog. I’m sure you’re quite aware of it, anyway. And because you are neither man nor woman but something below them both, it is your duty as a sissy bitch to tithe your Goddess very heavily. This is both a sign of your submission and an admission of your knowledge of your place at the very bottom of the totem pole.

If you crave phone sex humiliation, never fear. If you have the cash, then I will most happily fill your mind with the poisonous edge of my tongue.

All right, then, what are you waiting for? Call your favorite Money Hungry Bitch right now and serve her like a good sissy slut.



Financial Domination Phone Sex

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Financial Domination Phonesex

“A fool and his money are soon parted,” as the saying goes. And nowhere is this saying more true than on the phone with my pathetic little pay pigs.

I am one of those wicked women who absolutely delights in parting fools from their money as quickly as possible. No one else can do it faster, which is why I am the premiere financial phone sex Mistress in the world today. Not that I imagine you needed reminding of that little fact. *Laughs*

There is something infinitely humiliating for a man about admitting that he is so inferior to a woman that he must turn over his hard-earned money to her to do with what she pleases. Men’s identities are so tied up in their jobs and the amount of money that they make that having to surrender the fruits of their labor is a huge blow to the ego–which, of course, I count on. Why not humiliate a man while in the process of taking his money from him?

If you want elite financial domination with a genuine money Mistress, then call me. If not? Don’t waste either of our time…mine, especially.