Cocksucking Phone Sex

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Cocksucking Phonesex

Hello to all you dirty little sluts out there. This is, of course, your greedy phone sex Mistress, the Money Hungry Bitch. Let’s talk about something that I know so very many of you love today.

I’m talking about cocksucking, naturally. It never ceases to amaze me how many closet cases there are out there. And it seems that so many of you want to call me and let me drain your wallet and listen to all your faggy fantasies at the same time.

Not that I mind, of course. I’m willing to listen to pretty much any type of bullshit, as long as the price is right. *Laughs*

What are your cocksucking fantasies? You need not try to lie to me and tell me that you don’t have any. If you didn’t, you’d have simply passed this post on by. But you didn’t. You’ve read all the way through, which tells me that you, too, are a secret fag. Surprise, surprise.

So let’s not waste any more time. You need someone to confess to, and I want to drain your wallet. Dial the number below to talk to your greedy Mistress, the Money Hungry Bitch, about all your cocksucking phone sex fantasies.




Blackmail Phone Sex

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Ignore Line Phonesex

In case you haven’t already notice (although surely you aren’t that dumb), I sincerely love financial domination. There is nothing in the world that brings me more pleasure than milking a man’s bank account completely dry…and then some. There is a reason this site is named “Money Hungry Bitch,” after all.

But you see, there are some of you who want more than to simply be my little pay piggies. You want to play on the edge, so to speak. And, of course, you often claim that you can’t find a woman who will give you what you truly need, that none of them are willing to venture where you need them to go. And so you come to me and tell me all about your little blackmail phone sex fantasies, which I am more than happy to oblige because it amuses me.

You may have never met anyone who’s willing to walk on the edge up until now, but you won’t have to worry about that anymore. All you’ll need to be thinking about is, can you keep up with me and my manipulations, or will you fall prey to them as so many men have before?




Smoking Fetish Phone Sex

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Smoking Fetish Phonesex

Hello there, slave boys.

I know all of you have fetishes. It’s the way of submissive men, after all. Unfortunately for most of you, I simply don’t care about your fetishes. You can talk about them to my ignore line because listening to what gets you off is not worth wasting my valuable time over.

But there is one group of fetishists out there that I don’t mind talking to, believe it or not. And who are they? Well, if you read the title of this blog, you know the answer is my smoking fetishists, of course.

Other fetish phone sex boys can just eat their hearts out, I suppose. *Laughs*

Mind you, I don’t care that much about whether or not they get off. I only like the smoking aspect. If I allow them to get off, they can do so. If not, too bad. It makes me no difference that they think it’s “hot.” I just like doing something that I would do, anyway, and using it as a way to give them extremely blue balls.

Hmm…now that I think about it, I can see why I have a reputation as a mean Mistress….

Do you have a smoking fetish? Then today may be your lucky day. Call me.



Forced Feminization Phone Sex

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Forced Feminization Phonesex

A fun fact about me: I find sissy boys amusing. Many women don’t, but you can’t count me among their number. I think men running around dressed up like half-assed women is quite hilarious, really.

I often get the urge to humiliate sissies. The only problem is, there is not always a sissy around when the mood strikes. This is unfortunate because, as you probably already know, your Mistress does not like being denied something she desires. But I am never denied anything for long because I’m not afraid to take matters into my own hands and arrange them to my liking.

Even though I don’t always have a sissy around, I pretty much always do have a slave boy of some flavor around. That means all it takes is a little forced feminization to give me a sissy bitch for my humiliation pleasure.

My favorite men to do this to are the big, butch ones who look down on the idea of feminization. They’re always the most fun to transform into little sissy sluts because they feel so much contempt for themselves for being feminized. Oh, I do so love cognitive dissonance. Don’t you?



Cuckold Humiliation Phone Sex

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Cuckold Humiliation Phonesex

One of the worst things about being cursed with a tiny cock is that no one shows you the slightest bit of respect. Even if they’ve never seen your penis before, it’s as though they somehow know that you’re lacking down there, and they treat you accordingly.

Nowhere is this more true than in the bedroom. You can’t satisfy women, so they don’t bother trying to satisfy you, either. They go elsewhere to get what they need, and you’re left calling me for your kicks. Good thing you like humiliation, I suppose.

I love making fun of cuckolds. They’re such easy targets, after all. The fact that they pay me to do it just makes it that much better. *Laughs*

How pathetic is it that you can’t even have sex with your wife or girlfriend? Even the woman you’re in a relationship with is completely turned off by your tiny cock. She makes a cuckold out of you, and you sit around and jerk off about it like the insipid idiot that you are. A real man wouldn’t stand for such things. But then again, you wouldn’t have the foggiest idea what a real man would do, would you?



Financial Domination Phone Sex

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Financial Domination Phonesex

You know, I don’t have much use for men like you. I don’t find you smart or interesting or funny, so you’re not exactly what one would call “entertaining” for me. And, of course, your cocks aren’t even big enough for me to be interested in you in THAT way. So what, exactly, is a man–and I use the term very loosely–like you supposed to do for a woman like this Femdom Mistress?

Well, I suppose there is one thing you can do for me. You can open your wallet and give generously. If you’re lucky, that’ll net you a bit of my attention. If you’re not, you’ll be relegated to the ignore line, where you will still shell out lots and lots of money, but without the added benefit of my attention. Poor you.

I know, it isn’t fair. But who said being a submissive would be fair? Au contraire. It’s not fair at all, for my domain is not a democracy. It’s a dictatorship. Whether I choose to be benevolent or not is entirely up to me.

I know you are aching to do something–anything–for your Mistress, so call your favorite Money Hungry Bitch right now for some financial domination phone sex. Talk to you soon.



Orgasm Denial Phone Sex

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Orgasm Denial Phonesex

It amuses me how attached men are to their own orgasms. The way they’ll do anything in the hopes of being allowed to cum is something that I never fail to take advantage of whenever I happen to be me in the mood to do so. And I am often in the mood. *Laughs*

I only allow them to cum when it suits my purposes, but the need doesn’t arise that often. The rest of the time? It’s nothing but long-term orgasm denial for my pathetic little losers and wallet slaves. And that’s the way it should be, don’t you think?

Slaves don’t deserve to cum. Some Mistresses say that they have to earn the right to do so. I say that it’s not possible for them to even earn it. They should be kept chaste, whether there’s a device involved or not, because they don’t deserve anything else.

Of course, holding the possibility of an orgasm over their heads certainly lubricates their wallets. Don’t think I haven’t realized that. *Evil smile* What kind of financial Mistress would I be otherwise?

You’re welcome to try your luck, however. You always are. Just understand that the deck is more than stacked against you before you ever even dial….


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Femdom Phone Sex

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Femdom Phonesex

There are many women who roleplay a Femdom Mistress on the phone but aren’t anywhere near dominant in their everyday lives. Lucky for you, I am not one of those women.

I am naturally dominant. Taking charge is what I do, without even realizing it or thinking about it. It’s second nature to me. This is why genuinely submissive men are drawn to me, while men who are only playing at being subs to get their rocks off shrink from me. I’m ok with both of those things.

Understand, however, that there is a price to be paid for serving me. I don’t give my leadership away to anyone who shows up. Yes, I am naturally dominant, but that doesn’t mean I should wear myself out micromanaging every idiot who calls himself a slave. You must EARN the privilege of having your life controlled by yours truly.

How can you do that? Well, it’s a process. A good way to lubricate the process, however, is to open up your wallet and tribute, tribute, tribute. I’m not called Money Hungry Bitch because of my generous and forgiving nature, after all.

If you are serious in your desire to submit, you are welcome to give me a call. Simply dial the number below and ready yourself for domination phone sex with a strict Mistress.



Body Worship Phone Sex

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Goddess Worship Phonesex

Hello, boys.

I hope you’re on your knees right now because that’s where you should be in the presence of a Goddess like me. If you’re not, you should feel ashamed of yourselves and start sliding to your knees immediately. I’ll wait.

Down there where you should be now? Good.

In case you didn’t already know it, a Goddess like me should be worshipped at all times. There are many things you can do to worship me, not the least of which is body worship. Every good bitch boy and devotee should know how to worship my body in exactly the way I want it done.

If you’re unsure about how to go about doing it, I’ll teach you, provided you are willing to learn. You will need to humble and respectful, ready to listen and attend to my every command immediately without question and without ever overstepping your boundaries. If you can do that, I can teach you.

After I teach you to worship my body properly, I will teach you some other aspects of Goddess worship. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. First, you must call your phone sex Mistress at the number below. Then I’ll decide if you’re worthy of training.




Ignore Line Phone Sex

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Ignore Line Phonesex

You know what amuses me? It amuses me when men think that just because they open their pathetic little wallets to me that that means that they are somehow worthy of my attention. The semi-intelligent ones know better. The stupid ones? They have to be put in their places by their phone sex Mistress. The particularly dense ones have to be reminded regularly.

How do I do this? I refer them to my ignore line, of course. And by that, I mean that I lay the phone down while they’re in the middle of whatever totally uninteresting thing they’re saying and wander off to do my own thing. If they get lucky, they may their Mistress while she’s in the process of doing something else. If not, there will be nothing but the dead air that they’ve been giving the privilege of paying for. Either way, the point is drilled home.

The thing I love most about the ignore line is the fact that I can prove my point and still be a wallet-draining financial Domme at the same time. And you little slaves seem to like being humiliated and used in such a way, so why would I neglect to do something so wonderful?


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