Humiliation Phone Sex

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SPH Phonesex

One of the most hilarious things in the world to me is how you idiots will pay me for the privilege of being berated. It’s no less than you deserve, of course, but the fact that you’re so insignificant that you have to pay someone to give you what you deserve just makes you that much more pathetic. Wouldn’t you agree?

I love giving you what you deserve…for a price, of course. We both know that your cock is useless, so I will happily oblige you with all the small penis humiliation your pathetic little heart could ever desire. It’s not as though I’m having to lie to you or make up some kind of ridiculous story while you jerk off. I’m only stating facts.

I won’t stop only at SPH, but I figure it’s as good a place to start as any. There are so many laughable things about you that one has to simply pick a place to begin at random and proceed from there. Otherwise, we run the risk of missing the forest for the trees.

You know what to do. Get your phone now and call your Money Hungry Bitch for the humiliation phone sex tongue-lashing you know you deserve.




Blackmail Phone Sex

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Blackmail Phonesex

You are quite pathetic, you know. You make the mistake of thinking that I blackmail you because I care enough about you, your life, and your secrets to use them against you. But, oh, how wrong you are!

I care nothing for you or your ridiculous “secrets.” I sincerely doubt anyone would be surprised to hear them, anyway. I only care about what knowing your secrets can do for me. And what they can do for me is bring me lots and lots of cash.

You, personally, are nothing to me. You are a life support system for your wallet, and you need not forget it. If you do happen to forget, I will remind you of it very quickly. I wield all sorts of power over you, remember. You’ve got no choice but to do what I tell you and keep emptying out that wallet of yours like a good little pay piggy.

Now, little pay piggy, it’s time for you to do your daily tribute to your Goddess. Go get your phone and your wallet and call your financial domination Mistress at the number below. Don’t keep me waiting….You won’t like the things I do when I’m bored.


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Sissy Humiliation Phone Sex

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Sissy Humiliation Phonesex

The best thing about sissies is that they’re not women (thank God). They’d be abominations if they were.

The worst thing about sissies is…that they’re not women. They so desperately want to be, but they fail miserably. Hence, the abomination quip above.

I’m sure some of you will think I’m being unnecessarily cruel, but I have two things to say to that.

1.) It’s not like sissies are unaccustomed to being laughed at.

2.) Who asked you, anyway?

It’s not as though I’m forcing them to call me. Ok, I take that back. It’s not as though I’m forcing anyone but my blackmail slave sissies to call me. The rest know what they’re in for and dial me up of their own accord, as they should.

You see, deep down, these sluts know they deserve my laughter and contempt. And since I am such a kind, generous, caring, and giving Mistress, I give them what they know they need and deserve.

*Laughs* Yes, of course, that’s a lie. I give it to them because it amuses me to do so. If sissy humiliation didn’t amuse me, I’d stop doing it. Simple as that. And you idiots will continue to hand the money over to me either way because YOU know that I deserve it.

So…get out those wallets and start dialing, my dear, darling sissy sluts.


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Smoking Fetish Phone Sex

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Smoking Fetish Phonesex

Hello, boys. How are you today? Me, I’m personally celebrating the weekend with a glass of wine, bad reality TV, and a cigarette.

Oh, look at all you smoking fetishists perk up when I mention that. *Laughs*

I’m generally not a huge fan of fetish phone sex, as I prefer draining your wallets to listening to you drone on and on about the random shit that turns you on. But I do make an exception sometimes, and smoking fetish sessions are one of those times.

I will gladly smoke my cigs while you listen. I’ll even tell you all sorts of details about how I smoke, how it feels, what it looks like when I take a long drag and then slowly exhale. Smoking puts me in a excellent mood, so I’m more willing to be generous with you boys when I’m smoking than I would be under normal circumstances. Be very grateful for that.

Are you ready to talk about your favorite fetish with your favorite Femdom Mistress? Of course you are! You know what to do. Get your phone and credit card and give me a call. My cigs and I will be right here waiting.


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Mistress Phone Sex

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Mistress Phonesex

All submissives long for a dominant woman to serve. It’s simply something that’s hard-wired into them. They need to follow, to submit. Luckily, women like me need to lead and dominate.

I love having a submissive at my feet. Actually, I love sending him out to work to keep me in the style I deserve even more than I like having him at my feet, but that’s (somewhat) beside the point. Just generally having a man be my little bitch boy is enough to bring a smile to my face, provided he is obedient, of course. I do so enjoy putting men in their places.

Tell me, how badly do you want to submit to this Femdom Mistress? Now…I don’t want to hear what you want me to do for you. Tell me what you will do for me if you are allowed in my service. That’s what I want to know.

I want to be worshipped, both physically and via tithes–which you should know means financial domination. If you weren’t smart enough to figure that out on your own, I probably don’t want you as a slave boy, anyway. *Laughs*

You know what to do if you wish to be considered for my service. Call me. We’ll go from there.




Male Chastity Phone Sex

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Male Chastity Phonesex

You know, I don’t believe men who have small cocks should be allowed to cum. It’s a waste of seed. Why? Because no woman is going to have sex with a man with such a tiny cock, so why should he waste it pathetically jerking off? It’s pointless. Besides, they are far more malleable in their Goddess’s hands when they’ve been denied.

But, alas, many can’t handle long-term orgasm denial by sheer force of will alone because they’re weak and laughable. Therefore, I have to devise new methods for keeping their hands off their pitiful little cocks.

I’ve found that male chastity devices work well for this sort of thing. Keeping their cocks locked away does wonders for improving obedience, and not just orgasm denial obedience but all obedience in general. Funny how that works, isn’t it?

I enjoy being a keyholding Femdom. It gives me even more control than usual over my slaves, which, in my book, is a wonderful thing. It also seems to make my slaves behave even more submissively to me, since I hold the keys to their cocks.

Do we need to lock your cock away for a good, long time? If so, call your Money Hungry Bitch now and ask about my chastity keyholding services.


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Domination Phone Sex

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Domination Phonesex

You know something I don’t understand? I don’t understand why men think that they are entitled to a Femdom Mistress simply because they showed up and decided that they wanted one. It simply doesn’t work that way, little sluts.

Serving a Mistress is a PRIVILEGE, not a right. Let’s get that straight once and for all. And like all privileges, if you want the very best in Mistresses, you will have to pay for it. And since I am the very crème de la crème of Mistresses, then you will have to work very hard in order to pay for MY attention.

Are you noticing a theme here? All domination with me is ultimately financial domination. But I suppose you figured that out when you saw that my site is named “Money Hungry Bitch,” didn’t you? If not, it’s probably illegal for me to accept you as a slave, anyway. I feel certain there are laws against the “exploitation” of the mentally retarded….

But I digress.

The point is that if you want a Mistress, you’ll need to earn the privilege, not just show up and expect to be dominated. You want domination phone sex? Call me and show me that you’re man enough to deserve it.




Money Slavery Phone Sex

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Money Slavery Phonesex

Well, hello there. It looks like I have a new victi–err, volunteer–for my nefarious schemes. Welcome to my lair, little subbie boy.

Now that you’re here, I feel like I need to make a distinction between a couple of things here. I am, of course, a Money Hungry Bitch, and what I do is drain the wallets of losers like you. But that’s an overly simplistic explanation because there’s more than one way to serve a Money Domme like yours truly.

You see, I make a distinction between drive-by or occasional financial domination and complete money slavery. Drive-by financial domination is a one-off thing where I drain a man’s wallet, and he never returns. He’s fulfilled his fantasy, and that’s good enough for him. That doesn’t happen very often, though, because most of you can’t help coming back over and over again.

Occasional financial domination is something enjoyed by many men, and I certainly won’t complain about it, either. They come in to worship me when they can, and I accept it. Simple as that.

But money slavery? That’s something completely different. Money slaves submit to me completely. They are on a schedule: when to call, when to tribute, and a minimum amount. As you can imagine, this phone sex Mistress loves money slavery best of all.

And I’m sure you, being the submissive little slut that you are, want to be my money slave, don’t you? Very good. Pick up your phone and call your Mistress now, and we’ll get started on that immediately.


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Cocksucking Phone Sex

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Bi Fantasies

Well, hello again, little slut. How are you today?

I find it interesting that all the little sluts of the world just like you all flock to me. Why, you ask? Oh, because it’s fairly obvious that their phone sex Mistress isn’t going to be the one to get them off. So they must have some other secret agenda as to why they come to me all horny, hmm?

It’s a secret agenda, all right, but not so secret that I don’t know exactly what it is. They come to me because they don’t care about being made to cum by a woman. What they really want is to service a man, and I have any number of big black cocks at my disposal at any time for them to worship. My not giving them any sexual pleasure just allows them to justify it in their minds. “Mistress won’t play with me, so if I want to maybe be able to cum today, I’m going to have to do this cocksucking thing.”

Which is hilarious because we both know that they’d do it either way. But, whatever, as long as they’re paying up for the privilege, I don’t care what they need to tell themselves in order to sleep at night.

Call. Submit. Serve. Tribute.


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Orgasm Denial Phone Sex

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Orgasm Denial Phonesex

One of the great pleasures of my life is denying little boys like you the orgasms they so desperately crave. You see, I personally don’t care if you ever get to cum again or not. It doesn’t affect me one way or the other, really.

But one thing I do know–men are very much motivated by the promise of an orgasm. They’ll do anything to ensure that they can get off…which is what makes them so very easy to manipulate, especially if you’re an opportunistic financial Domme like myself.

Telling a man he can cum if he does precisely the right thing at the right moment and not telling him what the right thing or the right moment is? Priceless. And apparently so for him, too, as he will spend untold amounts of money to end his period of orgasm denial. *Laughs*

So now you see why I am such a fan. As I said, personally, whether a man cums or not doesn’t really matter to me. I’m certainly not going to get him off. But if he’s willing to pay for the privilege of *maybe* being able to jerk himself off and cum, well, then, I’m more than willing to play his game.

Don’t you want to play MY games? Call me now.


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