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Strap On Phone Sex

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Strapon Phonesex

Hello there, phone slaves and sluts of all kinds. Are you here to properly serve your phone sex Mistress today? I sure hope you are. Otherwise, you might as well just go away because I have no use for someone who’s not interested in pleasing me and doing everything he can to make me happy.

As you probably already know, the types of phone fantasies I think about change depending on my mood. Today’s favorite is strap on phone sex. The idea of strapping on my biggest dildo, making a slave boy suck on it, then turning him around, bending him over, and pounding his ass with it brings a big smile to my face. Doubly so when you consider he’s paying me for the privilege! *Laughs*

If you’re a good boy and tribute me properly, I’ll even be generous and throw in a little anal training before I go crazy on your ass!

Oh, come now. I know you’re dying to feel me penetrate you with this big black cock of mine. So why wait any longer? Call your favorite Money Hungry Bitch right now, and we’ll make it happen. I can’t wait…can you?


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