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Blackmail Phone Sex

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Blackmail Phonesex

Hello, boys.

There’s one thing you should know about me: I have the memory of an elephant. I never forget anything, and I can always recall information to mind anytime I need it. That’s why I’m such an excellent blackmail Mistress.

All it takes is one slip of the tongue for me to have you exactly where I want you. Maybe it happens during a forced intox call when you don’t have all your wits about you. Maybe you’ve convinced yourself that I’m not the money-hungry bitch I claim to be and think that I won’t use your incriminating information against you the first chance I get. It doesn’t matter what causes it to happen. All that matters is that it *does* happen.

That’s when my brain kicks into high gear. I start thinking of the various ways I can use this sensitive info, and I choose the one(s) that benefit(s) me the most. I may act on it immediately, or I may sit on it so long that you think I’ve forgotten and that you’re safe. But you know what? You’re never safe!

If you want a true blackmail phone sex session with someone who’s not afraid to get hardcore with you, then call me, but only if you have the balls to play my game….


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Blackmail Phone Sex

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Blackmail Phonesex

Keeping secrets is hard to do, especially when you’re around someone who’s as skilled as I am at extracting things I’m not supposed to know. If I hadn’t decided to be a blackmail Mistress, I bet I would’ve made an excellent spy.

But luckily for you (and probably the world at large), I found I was much more interested in taunting men than in international espionage. So I use my extraction techniques to extort large sums of money from you financial domination addicts who like a bit of danger along with your fetish.

I am perfectly ok with this.

I will listen to you talk, set your mind at ease, and carefully extract the secrets that are of most use to me. Then, I will keep them in the back of my mind until the perfect time to use them against you arises. And that’s when you’ll pay me my hush money. Isn’t that right?

Oh, don’t act like the idea doesn’t turn you on. I know how you little blackmail slaves’ minds work. You’re always looking for your next thrill, the next big thing that sets your adrenaline pumping.

Well, here it is right now. Call your Money Hungry Bitch for blackmail phone sex and find what you’ve been missing all these years.


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