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Feminization Phone Sex

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Feminization Phonesex

You know, it always amuses me when a little submissive boy calls me up and tell me he has a deep, dark secret to tell me. The secret almost always ends up being that he’s a sissy or a panty boy who likes being feminized. Sometimes, it goes farther than that into a curiosity about cock as well.

It’s hilarious to me that when these subbies inevitably confess, they always think I’m going to be shocked or something. Seriously? The crossdressing submissive is so common that it’s a cliché at this point. I’d be more surprised if a small-dicked sub DIDN’T crossdress, to be honest with you.

But it’s all right, because I enjoy toying with sissies and panty boys. Well, as long as they try to get demanding of my time or anything like that. As long as they are suitably appreciative, I don’t mind amusing myself with them. It’s kind of nice watching a third-rate man turn into a second-rate woman.

So if you’re looking for someone to confess to, call your favorite Money Hungry Bitch up. I’m sure I’ve heard it all before, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy some feminization phone sex together. Talk to you soon!


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