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Mistress Phone Sex

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Mistress Phonesex

All submissives long for a dominant woman to serve. It’s simply something that’s hard-wired into them. They need to follow, to submit. Luckily, women like me need to lead and dominate.

I love having a submissive at my feet. Actually, I love sending him out to work to keep me in the style I deserve even more than I like having him at my feet, but that’s (somewhat) beside the point. Just generally having a man be my little bitch boy is enough to bring a smile to my face, provided he is obedient, of course. I do so enjoy putting men in their places.

Tell me, how badly do you want to submit to this Femdom Mistress? Now…I don’t want to hear what you want me to do for you. Tell me what you will do for me if you are allowed in my service. That’s what I want to know.

I want to be worshipped, both physically and via tithes–which you should know means financial domination. If you weren’t smart enough to figure that out on your own, I probably don’t want you as a slave boy, anyway. *Laughs*

You know what to do if you wish to be considered for my service. Call me. We’ll go from there.