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Facesitting Phone Sex

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Facesitting Phonesex

Have you ever wondered what you can do for me besides give me all your money? Well, there is a very simple answer to that question: Absolutely nothing. You are only good to be put into financial slavery, and that’s it.

However, if your pockets are deep enough, I may be willing to let you do other things that interest you. Maybe. Perhaps. Don’t get your hopes up too much, though.

For men who enjoy body worship, there are always a handful of possibilities. I don’t mind being worshipped like the Goddess that I am, assuming that you are paying through the nose for the privilege of doing so, of course.

I’m a big fan of facesitting for a body worship session, partly because it reminds you of your place and partly because you can’t really make any noise that way. That means you won’t distract me from my other, more important, things I’m doing while you’re underneath me.

And perhaps if you show me that you can be a good little queening stool, I’ll let you do it again another day, too.

But you can’t have anything at all unless you call me, bitches.


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Facesitting Phone Sex

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Facesitting Phonesex

In case you somehow haven’t figured it out yet, a slave’s place is beneath me. WAY beneath me. I am a true believer in the doctrine of Female Supremacy, and there’s not a man on this earth that I consider my equal. But slaves are even farther down on the food chain in terms of their relation to me.

Humiliating slaves, ignoring them, and/or requiring them to tribute me usually serves as an adequate reminder of their place. But sometimes, I feel the need to get a little more…physical.

These are the times that facesitting comes in especially handy. I like being worshipped, as I have mentioned before, and sitting on a man’s face is an excellent position to be in if you want your ass worshipped.

But, even more importantly, putting him physically underneath me is a potent reminder of his place, in case he’s forgotten. Even if he hasn’t forgotten, I still like doing it. Trapping him underneath me and not letting him up until I’m good and ready shows him who’s really in control here.

Hint: It’s not him.

And if you happen to be a facesitting phone sex lover, I may even give you what you desire if I happen to be in the mood and you ask me nicely enough.

But I guess you’ll just have to call me to find out, won’t you?


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Fetish Phone Sex

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Fetish Phonesex

Fetishes are fun because they’re excellent ways to manipulate men into doing exactly what I want. All I have to do is dangle his precious fetish over his head, and he’s out of the palm of this Femdom Mistress‘s hand in no time.

Funny how that works, huh?

I’ve got a lovely fetish scenario in mind right now, actually. Aren’t you just dying to have me share it with you? Well, never let it be said that I’m not generous because I’m going to give you what you want this time.

It starts with body worship–facesitting and ass worship, actually. I’m going to lower myself right down on top of you and let you bury your face between my perfect ass cheeks…right where it belongs, haha!

And as you lick my asshole, I’m going to get really comfortable perched on top of your face. Then, I’m going to light a cigarette. And, you poor smoking fetish freak, won’t even be able to see it! Oh, you’ll hear me up there lighting it and taking long drags off of it. I might even blow a long stream of smoke onto your throbbing hard cock every now and then. But you won’t be able to see any of it because your face will be underneath my ass.

You’ll beg me to let you see. You’ll tell me that you’ll do almost anything if I just let you watch me smoke the rest of my cigarette. Hmm…I wonder just how exactly I can spin THIS to my advantage? Call me and find out. 😉


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