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Sissy Phone Sex

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Sissy Phonesex

Hello there, my little sluts! How are you today? If you’re not already doing quite well, you will be soon!

You see, we’re going to work on your feminization some more today. How, you ask? By going shopping, of course!

Yes, you and I are going shopping. We’ll pick out outfits for one another, shoes, makeup, all kinds of things. You’ll be using your credit card to pay for all this, naturally. And you’ll be carrying all the bags and such for your Goddess, but that’s such a small price to pay for getting to indulge this private, feminine side of you in such a public way, isn’t it?

Your phone sex Mistress takes SUCH good care of you, doesn’t she?

Don’t worry, you can thank me later.

Now, aren’t you ready for a nice shopping trip with me? I certainly hope so because I’m ready to go already. The only question is, are you?

Call your Money Hungry Bitch now for some sissy phone sex fun that you’ll soon find yourself addicted to. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? You’ll soon find out for yourself….