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Financial Ruination Phone Sex

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Financial Ruination Phonesex

Hello, money slaves and pay pigs! Are you ready to submit to your Goddess’s wicked financial domination ways? You better be!

You see, I don’t just want to take some of your money. I want to take *all* of it. Mostly because it’s not actually about the money for me. I could take your money, tear it to shreds, and throw it off a bridge for all I care about it. I just want to see what kind of outrageous shit I can make you do for me. *That* is my motivation, not the money itself.

That’s why, no matter how much you let me drain your wallet, you’ll still never have my respect. I don’t care about you or your money. I care about my own personal amusement, and that, of course, is all you’re good for.

Aren’t you glad your phone sex Mistress gets such a kick out you? *Laughs*

I want to drive you to total financial ruin because I’ll find that HILARIOUS. So if you’ve got a fat open wallet, you know what to do. Dial the number below to submit to Money Hungry Bitch’s brutal financial ruination and humiliation. You know you want to.


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