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Body Worship Phone Sex

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Body Worship Phonesex

I am looking for a new slave. No, not a money slave, if you can believe it. Well, those are always welcome, of course, but I never have to put out feelers for those, as they always flock to me in droves and are as common as mosquitoes in summertime–and often just annoying.

Er, I am getting off track, aren’t I?

Anyway, what I’m actually looking for is a body worship slave. And I don’t just want any old jackass who wants to slobber all over my body, either. That’s disgusting. I want a truly devoted Goddess worshipper. Let me lay out the criteria, and I’ll let you decide if you wish to pursue the opportunity or not.

It will not be an easy position. So if you’re lazy and stupid, then don’t waste my time applying.

The things I expect from any personal body worship slave are:

1.) The ability to give excellent full-body massages. If you are not already certified in this area, I will be willing to let it slide for a brief period of time so that you may go to a massage school or something of the sort in order to learn if the willingness to perform is there.

2.) A foot fetish is hardly necessary, but an ability to give pedicures (and manicures) is.

3.) Complete and total devotion and utter attentiveness to his phone sex Mistress‘s needs, rather than his own desires. This is arguably the most important thing on the list. If you only want to worship my body because it makes your tiny dick hard and because you want to get off, then please go find someone else who has time to waste on you.

4.) As a corollary to #3, you will also need to be willing to be kept in male chastity for long periods of time. Again, the focus is on ME, not you and your trivial little sexual desires.

Now, think long and hard before you bother me with your application. I will deal harshly with anyone who wastes my time. (You can expect to be directed straight to my ignore line if you annoy me. You have been warned.)

However, if you truly believe that you have what it takes to be Money Hungry Bitch’s personal body worship phone sex slave, then you are welcome to give it a whirl. You know what to do. Call my personal phone number and tell me you’re here to apply for the job.


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Foot Worship Phone Sex

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Foot Worship Phonesex

It’s well-known to any man who has ever been in my presence for more than just a few minutes that I am a Goddess who deserves to be worshipped. My admirers find all different kinds of ways to worship me, depending on what they are best at. Some give me massages, some give me pedicures, and the really useless ones just funnel money in my direction. *Laughs*

I always try to cater my worship demands to a particular devotee’s personal strengths and interests. (Unless, of course, he is completely worthless; then he becomes a money slave.) So when I have a true foot fetish slave in my presence, I am more than willing to let him worship my feet, as long as he shows at least some proficiency in that area.

Let it not be said that your phone sex Mistress is not generous in her own way!

It’s not entirely selfless of me, though. I do love foot worship when it is performed well. My foot slaves become very important to my health and well-being once they learn the ways their Mistress most likes to have her feet worshipped.

I bet you’re just dying to learn those ways, aren’t you? Well, grab that phone and call me up right now! We’ll get your training started before you know it.


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