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Goddess Worship Phone Sex

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Goddess Worship Phonesex

You know, it’s been said that all women are Goddesses. And maybe that’s true. I don’t know. All I know for sure is that *I* am surely a Goddess, and I certainly expect to be treated as such.

Of course, if you want to conduct a proper worship session, you’ll first need to leave a nice tithe to your Goddess. Consider it your introduction to the world of financial slavery. But what comes after that?

There are several ways it could go, actually. One of the ways that many of you enjoy is worshipping at my feet, like true devotees. I don’t mind such foot worship, provided it’s being done with the right mindset. As long as you understand that tithing and worshipping my feet does not entitle you to anything, then we should be good.

I might even let you worship other parts of me if I feel particularly generous, but don’t count on it.

Another way that you can serve me is by performing domestic service–cleaning my house, cooking for me, serving my food and drink, attending to my clothes, and so forth. And, naturally, paying me for the privilege of doing so. *Laughs*

Oh, I have plenty of other ideas for would-be servants during a nice Goddess worship phone sex session. But if you want to know more, you’ll have to call me….




Goddess Worship Phone Sex

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Goddess Worship Phonesex

Well, hello there, my adoring little slave boys. How are you this fine day? Well enough to show me how much you love me, I hope.

The temple of Money Hungry Bitch is now open for some Goddess worship sessions for those of you who are ready to prove your loyalty to me. I will allow various kinds of worship–pre-approved by me, of course–but tithes are mandatory, naturally. It may be that 10% is good enough for Jesus, but it’s certainly not good enough for me. Even the government takes more than that from you. *Sniff*

This is not financial domination. I am not taking or blackmailing money from you. You are giving of it freely to show me how much you adore and revere me. Please remember, though, that the amounts you give will directly influence how much I believe you are dedicated to serving me.

If your tithes please me, you will be allowed to sing my praises and perhaps worship at the altar of my feet. Foot worship is acceptable from the likes of you, but don’t think for a moment that your hands or mouth will be allowed to venture anywhere above my ankles.

Call. Come. Kneel. Serve.




Foot Worship Phone Sex

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Foot Worship Phonesex

It’s well-known to any man who has ever been in my presence for more than just a few minutes that I am a Goddess who deserves to be worshipped. My admirers find all different kinds of ways to worship me, depending on what they are best at. Some give me massages, some give me pedicures, and the really useless ones just funnel money in my direction. *Laughs*

I always try to cater my worship demands to a particular devotee’s personal strengths and interests. (Unless, of course, he is completely worthless; then he becomes a money slave.) So when I have a true foot fetish slave in my presence, I am more than willing to let him worship my feet, as long as he shows at least some proficiency in that area.

Let it not be said that your phone sex Mistress is not generous in her own way!

It’s not entirely selfless of me, though. I do love foot worship when it is performed well. My foot slaves become very important to my health and well-being once they learn the ways their Mistress most likes to have her feet worshipped.

I bet you’re just dying to learn those ways, aren’t you? Well, grab that phone and call me up right now! We’ll get your training started before you know it.


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Body Worship Phone Sex

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Body Worship Phonesex

As you already know, I am a Femdom Mistress and a Goddess. That means that I deserve to be worshipped in every single way.

You will give me plenty of body worship to show me how much you adore my perfect body. And, of course, you’ll tithe me as any good Goddess worshipper should.

I’ll let you begin with my feet. A long foot worship sessions sounds just like what I need right about now. You can kiss and lick them for as long as I tell you to. Make sure that you cover every single inch of them in kisses, and, of course, make sure that you tell me repeatedly how much you appreciate having this honor bestowed on you because you know you’re completely unworthy of it!

If you do a satisfactory job with the foot worship, and I happen to be in the mood for it, I might even let you progress to some leg worship. I expect foot and leg massages if I allow that to happen. Only the truly lucky (and truly devoted) will be allowed to perform ass worship on their Goddess. You’re probably not one of the truly lucky. Sorry.

But if you’d like to give it a try, you’re welcome to do so. Just call Money Hungry Bitch at the number listed below to get body worship phone sex with your Goddess.


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