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Forced Smoking Phone Sex

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Forced Smoking Phonesex

Smoking fetish is one of those fetishes that comes with a wide variety of fantasies that can manifest themselves in a number of different ways. That’s one reason that I happen to love this particular fetish, unlike most fetishes. I also enjoy it for the simple fact that I like to smoke, but that’s neither here nor there.

One of the most interesting smoking fetish fantasies to me is the forced smoking fantasy. Generally, it involves non-smoking submissive men who love watching dominant women like me smoke our favorite cigarettes. These men love feeling helpless to the strong dominant woman pushing the cigarette into their mouths and forcing them to smoke.

They’re nearly always horrified at the idea of doing something so unhealthy, but they’re unable to do anything about it. Their coughing and struggling always amuses me. But, of course, their cocks eventually get hard because of both the helpless submission and the fact that their lips are touching something recently touched by the lips of their Goddess. *Laughs*

Take notes, boys. THESE are the kinds of fetish phone sex calls I enjoy, not some of the inane bullshit that others of you come up with.

Call me and tell me *your* fetishes.


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