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Hot Wife Phone Sex

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Hot Wife Phonesex

I don’t mind the idea of being a trophy wife.

Ok, I guess “trophy wife” is a misnomer. I like the idea of being a beautiful wife to a loser husband who gives me anything I want just so that he can be near me. More of a hot wife than a trophy wife, I suppose, though I can see how both labels would fit, depending on how you looked at it.

And I would be a hot wife in every sense. I would absolutely make him my little cuckold bitch. If I humiliated him in front of everyone he knew because they were fully aware that I was fucking other men, then he’d take it. He’d love me more for it, probably.

If I used my financial domination skills to take everything he owns and then some, he’d love me more for that, too.

You know what I’d really love to do? I’d love to make him take me shopping, buy me expensive clothes, carry all my bags, etc., etc., etc. so that I’ll have something nice to wear out on a date with his best friend or his boss or the hot neighbor. Anybody but him, really. *Laughs*

Is this the kind of cuckold phone sex fantasy that gets you going? Then grab that phone and call me. Your new hot wife can be Money Hungry Bitch. Won’t that be nice?


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