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Ignore Line Phone Sex

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Ignore Line Phonesex

You know what amuses me? It amuses me when men think that just because they open their pathetic little wallets to me that that means that they are somehow worthy of my attention. The semi-intelligent ones know better. The stupid ones? They have to be put in their places by their phone sex Mistress. The particularly dense ones have to be reminded regularly.

How do I do this? I refer them to my ignore line, of course. And by that, I mean that I lay the phone down while they’re in the middle of whatever totally uninteresting thing they’re saying and wander off to do my own thing. If they get lucky, they may their Mistress while she’s in the process of doing something else. If not, there will be nothing but the dead air that they’ve been giving the privilege of paying for. Either way, the point is drilled home.

The thing I love most about the ignore line is the fact that I can prove my point and still be a wallet-draining financial Domme at the same time. And you little slaves seem to like being humiliated and used in such a way, so why would I neglect to do something so wonderful?


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