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Cuckold Phone Sex

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Cuckold Phonesex

Hello, boys. Your phone sex Mistress loves big cocks…and, unfortunately, you don’t have one. In fact, your cock is so small as to be nearly nonexistent. It’d be almost sad, really, if it weren’t so very, very funny!

So I certainly can’t look to you useless submissives to keep me sexually satisfied. Fortunately, I have a large assortment of bulls running around the place, some of them with big black cocks, to keep me happy. But you know what that means, yes? It means that you are nothing but a complete and utter cuckold phone sex slave.

Oh, and even better: When I’m fucking my black studs, that makes you an interracial cuckold slave! *Laughs*

Don’t be silly. I know how much you love the idea of being a cuck. You would probably give your left nut for the opportunity to watch your Mistress’s pussy filled to the brim with a huge dick.

You don’t have to give that, though. You simply have to cough up a little cash in the form of financial domination to your money hungry bitch, and you can watch to your heart’s content!

Mmm, the idea of making you my cuck is sounding better and better. Call me now, and you, too, can be an interracial cuckold phone sex bitch.


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