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Cum Eating Phone Sex

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Cum Eating Phonesex

Men are such ridiculous creatures. They’re more than willing to fork over the cash in their accounts to me in order to be walked through their own little fantasies–fantasies that they’re too chicken to go through with on their own. So what’s a money Domme like me to do? Offer my “assistance” to them, of course!

A great example of that very phenomenon is cum eating fantasies. So many men get hard at the thought of eating their own cum, but 9 times out of 10, they back down once they’ve actually shot their loads. So unless they have someone “making” them eat it, they never see the fantasy through to the end.

Now, I am perfectly willing to guide any man through his fantasy, provided he has ample funds. The exact amount depends on the man, the fantasy, and, naturally, the kind of mood he catches me in when he calls me. But let’s just say that Money Hungry Bitch’s assistance doesn’t come cheap, though it’s certainly worth every red cent.

Ready to open your wallet to make sure your fantasy comes true? Call me now for cum eating phone sex, and you might find me willing to help you out….


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