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Money Slavery Phone Sex

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Money Slavery Phonesex

Well, hello there. It looks like I have a new victi–err, volunteer–for my nefarious schemes. Welcome to my lair, little subbie boy.

Now that you’re here, I feel like I need to make a distinction between a couple of things here. I am, of course, a Money Hungry Bitch, and what I do is drain the wallets of losers like you. But that’s an overly simplistic explanation because there’s more than one way to serve a Money Domme like yours truly.

You see, I make a distinction between drive-by or occasional financial domination and complete money slavery. Drive-by financial domination is a one-off thing where I drain a man’s wallet, and he never returns. He’s fulfilled his fantasy, and that’s good enough for him. That doesn’t happen very often, though, because most of you can’t help coming back over and over again.

Occasional financial domination is something enjoyed by many men, and I certainly won’t complain about it, either. They come in to worship me when they can, and I accept it. Simple as that.

But money slavery? That’s something completely different. Money slaves submit to me completely. They are on a schedule: when to call, when to tribute, and a minimum amount. As you can imagine, this phone sex Mistress loves money slavery best of all.

And I’m sure you, being the submissive little slut that you are, want to be my money slave, don’t you? Very good. Pick up your phone and call your Mistress now, and we’ll get started on that immediately.


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Financial Domination Phone Sex

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Financial Domination Phonesex

Hello to all you pathetic little slave boys out there. Are you ready to serve your Femdom phone sex Goddess today?

Of course you are!

The only question is how you’re going to serve me. I can’t say that I’m very particular about this, as long as whichever way you choose involves me draining your wallet for you. They don’t call me Money Hungry Bitch for no reason, you know.

The little humiliation sluts out there might be interested in my ignore line. Nothing is more pathetic than you paying to be completely ignored by yours truly, so that’ll probably appeal to the emotionally masochistic fucktards who read my posts, LOL!

For those of you who aren’t quite as hardcore but need to be kept in money slavery, anyway, I have plenty of other ways to separate you from your hard earned dinero. It’s not like it’s difficult for me, after all. You idiots are all standing in line to empty your bank account into mine, while I laugh at you because I neither want nor need your money. I just like taking it from you because we both know you don’t deserve it.

Financial domination makes Money Hungry Bitch laugh all the way to the bank!

I hope there are plenty of pay piggies out there to amuse me. We can’t have me getting bored, now can we? Very bad things happen when I’m bored….

Call me now and entertain me! It’s in your best interest.


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