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Sissy Humiliation Phone Sex

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Sissy Humiliation Phonesex

The best thing about sissies is that they’re not women (thank God). They’d be abominations if they were.

The worst thing about sissies is…that they’re not women. They so desperately want to be, but they fail miserably. Hence, the abomination quip above.

I’m sure some of you will think I’m being unnecessarily cruel, but I have two things to say to that.

1.) It’s not like sissies are unaccustomed to being laughed at.

2.) Who asked you, anyway?

It’s not as though I’m forcing them to call me. Ok, I take that back. It’s not as though I’m forcing anyone but my blackmail slave sissies to call me. The rest know what they’re in for and dial me up of their own accord, as they should.

You see, deep down, these sluts know they deserve my laughter and contempt. And since I am such a kind, generous, caring, and giving Mistress, I give them what they know they need and deserve.

*Laughs* Yes, of course, that’s a lie. I give it to them because it amuses me to do so. If sissy humiliation didn’t amuse me, I’d stop doing it. Simple as that. And you idiots will continue to hand the money over to me either way because YOU know that I deserve it.

So…get out those wallets and start dialing, my dear, darling sissy sluts.


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