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Sissy Blackmail Phone Sex

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Sissy Blackmail Phonesex

Oh, come now. Don’t be so silly. You didn’t think for a moment that I asked for those pictures of you dressed up like a sissy maid because I *wanted* to see you looking like that, did you?

I mean, yes, sure, I did enjoy laughing at you for a few seconds. But that was hardly worth all those elaborate poses I had you do for these pictures. No, I had something else in mind.

And that something, of course, is blackmail phone sex!

Don’t act so horrified. You knew exactly what you were getting your little sissy ass into when you sent them. You WANTED this sissy blackmail, and you know it. And, well, I guess you know now why they say to be careful what you wish for. You most certainly have gotten it…in spades. *Laughs*

You aren’t just any kind of sissy. You’re the kind who wants to be laughed at, degraded, and humiliated in as many ways as possible. You also like the rush of knowing that I could expose you any time I wanted.

Plus, you’re also a little sissy pay pig, opening your wallet and letting me drain it dry through financial domination.

Oh, yes, indeed. I’ve got your number. And that’s why you’re going to pay up.

Now, call your Goddess, the Money Hungry Bitch. It’s time for your daily offering to me to keep these pictures of yours hidden. I’ll be waiting….


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