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Humiliation Phone Sex

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Humiliation Phonesex

I always do get a kick out of humiliating men like you. The pathetic ones. The useless ones. The ones who desperately want attention and validation, but know you’re not going to get either from a mean phone sex Mistress like me.

Oh, but that knowledge turns you on even more, doesn’t it?

In my opinion, the best humiliation phone sex involve me watching you on cam. I won’t have my cam on. You don’t deserve a treat such as that. But I’ll be watching you. Like Big Brother, my eye is always on you.

If I’m watching you on cam, I get to not only order you to do extremely humiliating things, but also watch you in real time as you do them. It’s win/win, at least for me. And I *am* the only one who matters here, aren’t I?

You’ll get naked for me on cam immediately if you aren’t already when you turn it on. I think a little CFNM humiliation is always an excellent way to start the show. From there, we’ll proceed on to other things, like small penis humiliation (naturally) and other things whose surprise I won’t ruin by mentioning them here.

If you want a real, live phone sex Humiliatrix, you’ve found yourself one. Now, if only you’re brave enough to call her….


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