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Trampling Fetish Phone Sex

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Trampling Phonesex

As most of you probably know by now, I take great pleasure in using men in any way I see fit. I especially like reminding him of his place beneath me. Sometimes, I do this in “conventional” ways; other times, I like using more unusual methods to achieve the same result. And, occasionally, I even do so in a very literal manner.

From time to time, I enjoy using trampling as one of those literal methods of putting a man beneath me. This is, of course, the act of having a man lie down, either on his back or his stomach, depending on what I want to do with him that day, and walking all over him. I really like doing this while wearing a pair of spiked stiletto heels. *Laughs*

The trampling alone is both physically and psychologically intense. But when I combine it with a little cock and ball-squishing, that ups the intensity factor significantly, as you can well imagine.

I do so love CBT, in all its forms, after all.

Wouldn’t you like to be my literal doormat, to be trod upon and trampled? Of course you would. In that case, don’t waste any time. Go pick up your phone and card now and give your favorite Money Hungry Bitch a call.


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