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Cocksucking Phone Sex

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Bi Fantasies

Well, hello again, little slut. How are you today?

I find it interesting that all the little sluts of the world just like you all flock to me. Why, you ask? Oh, because it’s fairly obvious that their phone sex Mistress isn’t going to be the one to get them off. So they must have some other secret agenda as to why they come to me all horny, hmm?

It’s a secret agenda, all right, but not so secret that I don’t know exactly what it is. They come to me because they don’t care about being made to cum by a woman. What they really want is to service a man, and I have any number of big black cocks at my disposal at any time for them to worship. My not giving them any sexual pleasure just allows them to justify it in their minds. “Mistress won’t play with me, so if I want to maybe be able to cum today, I’m going to have to do this cocksucking thing.”

Which is hilarious because we both know that they’d do it either way. But, whatever, as long as they’re paying up for the privilege, I don’t care what they need to tell themselves in order to sleep at night.

Call. Submit. Serve. Tribute.


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