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Feed me, you pathetic loser. You and I both know that is the only way that someone like ME would ever associate with someone like YOU. Would I really spend any of my valuable time on a spineless worm like you if you weren’t paying me for it? HA…. I don’t think so. I am the most beautiful and talented Goddess you will find on the net or elsewhere. It takes cash, and lots of it for the privilege of communicating with me. Its all about YOU keeping ME in the lifestyle I am accustomed to. Let me tell you , its quite the lifestyle. Going wherever I want and buying whatever I want. Fine dining and pampered spa treatments. Traveling and spending YOUR money. My litter of piggy’s has grown to a huge loyal herd that I have trained well and who worship me the way I demand. Emptying your bank account never felt this good. Have an available balance on one of your cards? Not for long. They know there is no communication without a tribute. They do what I want when I want and how I say…. And they love every minute of it. Get ready for a world of addiction, humiliation and torture.
Mmmmm, Torture. I may torture you by allowing you to rub your pathetic lil stupid stick and then taking it away as fast as I gave it. I may allow you to invision me standing over your face and looking up to the bitch that controls your every movement. I may allow you to dress for me and then I may make you wear those panties where you were too scared to before. You may end up in a session filled with the pain you secretly crave and I will be the Goddess who loves to make you suffer. You may get really lucky and get to become a natural born whore for me. There are plenty of scenarios and who knows you may end up in one of them.
Everything will be just fine…. As long as you do as you are told and Worship properly. The punishment for non compliance isn’t pretty. Its dismissal. Is that what you want piggy? I didn’t think so.
Do yourself a favor…Buy my attention!! Buy me a present from my wishlist!! I love Prezzies. You can send cash or visa gift cards to the address below. Don’t try to think you might impress me by thinking for yourself and buying me something you think I may like. (Unless its a new mercedes) Just pick from my list.  I have been asked on several occasions what kind of gift certificates would I like……and although its your job to find out I’ll make it easy for those of you still stumped. If your not sending cash or buying from my wish list try one of these other gift certificates.
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